Overwatch Weekly Brawl We’re All Soldiers Now

Overwatch Weekly Brawl We're All Soldiers NowThe Overwatch Weekly Brawl We’re All Soldiers Now only allows you to play as Soldier: 76. Respawn time is as usual, but your Health is reduced to 100 which makes you die very quickly. One Helix Rocket and your opponent is dead. In this brawl, Helix Rocket has a 12 sec cooldown (Normal Play Mode it is usually 8 sec). Biotic Field has a 23 sec cooldown (Normal Play Mode it is usually 15 sec cooldown).

Personally, I disliked this weekly brawl a lot. Low health means you die too quick to do anything against 2+ Opponents, and because you die that fast forget about using the Ultimate unless you are elite to survive long enough to use it.

Defenitely needs more health, and no respawn time to make it fun and enjoyable. In my ample experience with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch I have seen many custom maps where you die in one shot. I play those often, and enjoy them. The difference is that you respawn instantly in a random place, but in Overwatch you have to wait 5+ seconds to respawn and to run from the same location every single time.

Add the capture the point timer to that and you have a very frustrating gameplay where it is difficult to contest the capture point.

These brawls should have no respawn time, and it would be nice to have random spawn locations throughout the map. The point of a brawl is to … be a brawl, which means throw the rulebook out of the window: Remove the capture points, and escort gameplay. Let players have fun shooting each other for the sake of it. That’s what a Team Brawl is.

The previous brawl (Arcade) was so fun, I played it 2-hours straight. I played this We’re Soldiers Now brawl maybe 5-6 times, and had to /ragequit.

Overwatch Weekly Brawl We’re All Soldiers Now


Overwatch Weekly Brawl Arcade

Overwatch Weekly Brawl ArcadeThe Overwatch Weekly Brawl Arcade is one of the fondest brawls I have played so far. What Overwatch should be in my opinion. Pure mayhem, long battles, 3 sec cooldown abilities, faster cooldown for the Ultimate ability, and best of all… faster respawn! You can pick any hero.

The video below will show you two-hours of the Weekly Brawl Arcade gameplay. One of the matches I played, somebody suggested everyone to pick Mei. That was certainly a crazy match of ice barriers and freezing players. We won that match.

I really hope that Blizzard makes Brawl Arcade a new mode instead of a Weekly Brawl. It was very fun, engaging and insane. It reminded me somewhat to my favorite FPS game… Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Now if Blizzard could get rid of the escort/payload maps, and introduce a first team to reach 50-100 kills then that would be my dream-come-true for Overwatch as my HL2: Deathmatch replacement.

I would stop playing escort/payload maps in a heartbeat for a taste of nonstop deathmatch gameplay. That’s just my personal choice in FPS. Just hoping Blizzard will add the Deathmatch mode with a steady match queue system for those (like me) who love that playstyle.


Overwatch Weekly Brawl Arcade

Available in 1080HD. If not available, wait a few minutes for YouTube to process the upload.


Overwatch Weekly Brawl Justice Rains from Above!

overwatch-weekly-brawl-justice-rains-from-aboveOverwatch Beta patch introduced Weekly Brawl. Every week, Blizzard will rotate a new Brawl in a similar fashion like Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl.

“Justice Rains from Above!” allows players to pick either Pharah or Mercy as the playable characters. The flying ability’s cooldown is reduced to 3 sec in this particular Brawl, keeping you airborne most of the time. So yea, it’s a chaotic brawl with barely any ground damage, making aiming a mobile and airborne target kinda hard. Add to that the fact of 2-3 Mercy players healing Pharah players and you have got utter-pandemonium.

As Pharah, this brawl gives you a chance to practice your aim on airborne targets. As Mercy, it can get really disorienting and dizzy trying to move around to follow your friendly Pharah player, or switching to another one.

I have my Mercy’s “Angelic Descent” set as Numpad 0. Angelic Descent lets Mercy float down as she falls. Guardian Angel is the ability to fly toward a friendly player. In this brawl, Mercy’s Guardian Angel cooldown is about 3 seconds, so what I do is to keep Numpad 0 pressed indefinitely while using my mousewheel up to fly. Keeps me airborne permanently going up and down as I follow my target.

A few players didn’t like this brawl, but I kinda liked it. It’s fun and hard. Few games in, you might master it.


Overwatch Beta added Achievements, Brawl Mode & Route 66 Map

The twelveth map hinted in the leaked Overwatch Collector’s Edition image a few days ago is now playable in Overwatch Beta.

Patch was deployed a few minutes ago with plenty of content (1.2 GB) which included the following:

  • New Route 66 map.
  • Tutorial: A more detailed UI for the Overwatch Tutorial which autoplays when you first launch the game.
  • Practice vs AI
  • The Achievement system has been added
  • Weekly Brawl
  • Highlights: Displays a collection of your best attacks (similar to Play of the Game, but yours only without actually you being POTG that particular game)


Features Video

This video shows all the features mentioned above.


These are the images I captured in-game of new features added in the patch.


Tutorial and Practice Basic Range

When you launch Overwatch for the first time, the Tutorial will play automatically. Once you are done, you are moved to the Practice Basic Range map so that you can shoot moving robots, and to practice the ultimate ability of your hero.


Practice vs AI

After the Tutorial auto-plays and you finish it, the game automatically launches this page where you can practice with other players against the A.I.



Weekly Brawl

Every week there will be a new Brawl, similar to the Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl, and the rules are wild and fun. In this week, we have the Super Shimada Bros. You can only pick Hanzo or Genji as your hero (6v6). It was extremely hard and fun.



Route 66 Map

The Route 66 map is an escort map where your team either defends or escorts a payload to point B. It is a nuke.




Added the achievements and rewards to a separate page.


New Skins


Overwatch Easter Eggs – Pharah: Fly like an Egyptian

Overwatch Easter Eggs are pop culture references planted there by Blizzard Entertainment as a funny notch. Pharah is a security chief named Fareeha Amari from Giza, Egypt. She wears a prototype Raptora Mark VI combat suit with jetpacks which allows her to fly.

One of Pharah’s voice lines says: “Fly like an Egyptian.” To some younger people that might not say much, unless you grew up or lived in the 80s.


“Walk like an Egyptian” song
The Bangles
“Different Light” (Album, 1986)
Song written by Lian Sternberg


New Unannounced Heroes Revealed in Animated Short: Recall

Blizzard Entertainment and Xbox launched the new animated short “Recall” today. There is a scene where Reaper is hacking the computer mainframe Athena to extract the locations of all former members of Overwatch.

Our GamesCom reporter Handclaww browsed frame by frame and compiled all the Overwatch photos shown so quick that it would be missed by the naked eye. Here you have all the heroes we have never seen before except for Reyes (aka Reaper). Thanks to Handclaw for compiling them.




We haven’t heard anything from Blizzard about plans for PAX East, but it might be a good platform to announce new post-launch heroes. Last year, Overwatch was playable at PAX East. Wankyu and I were there. I’ll be at PAX East in April 22-24 to bring you any coverage available there.


Xbox premieres the Overwatch Animated Short: Recall

Blizzard Entertainment and Xbox.com officially premiered the Overwatch animated short: Recall — featuring the day when Winston sent out a recall to all former members of Overwatch to return to duty.

The video shows glimpses of Winston’s childhood in the Moon. Former-Overwatch member, Reaper, arrives to Winston’s base to hack into his computer mainframe Athena to extract the location of all former Overwatch members.

The quality of this short is akin to what you might see from Pixar. Worth watching. We have 15 unannounced heroes shown in this animated short.


Overwatch Counter Picks

Overwatch has 21 heroes with different abilities and ultimate abilities which makes picking counters a bit of a headache considering everyone is able to change their hero upon death. It’s a bit of a challenge to respond to different hero rotations.

While not a complete or accurate counter pick list, below you can read some counters I have experienced either playing the counter myself, or heroes who have kicked mine.

Collection’s Edition might hint at 12th Map in Overwatch

Armpoker posted in Reddit an image of the Collector’s Edition content from Amazon (which hasn’t been published yet in the pre-order page). It shows a new item added to the Collector’s Edition: postcards of each map location. Twelve postcards to be precise.



The addition of the postcards is news on itself, but the fact there are only 11 maps currently in the Map roster says Blizzard might add a new map for beta testing sometime in the next few weeks prior to release date. PAX East is in April 22-24th which makes that a good platform to show new content.



View all the content in the Overwatch Collection’s Edition here.

Pre-order Overwatch Collector’s Edition for PC, Xbox One or PS4 here.

Overwatch Beta Patch – Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment deployed a new beta patch to implement balance changes to Bastion, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Symmetra, Winston, Zarya, Zenyatta.

overwatch-logo-whiteA new beta patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the Beta Feedback forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Beta Bug Report forum.

Please note that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.



  • Quick Melee
    • Damage decreased from 50 to 30
    • Cooldown decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1 second

Developer comments: Quick Melee has proven to be too strong of an ability, especially when used in combination with other attacks to increase ‘burst’ damage potential. Lowering the damage of a melee attack also allows us to lower the cooldown, making it feel more responsive when you need it.


  • Tank Mode
    • Duration reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds

Developer comments: We like the way Bastion’s ultimate is performing, but it is lasting just a bit too long for enemies to reasonably react to it.


  • Health increased from 150 to 200
  • Shuriken
    • Damage reduced by 20%

Developer comments: We’ve been listening to feedback and watching data very closely on Genji, especially since we recently lowered his health. Overall that change did put him in a better place, but we want to try an alternative change by lowering his damage output instead of his survivability.


  • Scatter Arrow
    • Fragments will no longer be calculated as a headshot against an enemy player

Developer comments: We wanted to reduce some of the more frustrating elements of Scatter Arrow while still maintaining its overall power level.


  • RIP-Tire
    • Health reduced from 150 to 100

Developer comments: The recent changes to Junkrat’s RIP-Tire have helped it become more viable and have opened up new options for enemy counters. However, the health was too high, so many times it felt impossible to counter.


  • Endothermic Blaster
    • Primary Fire
      • Lowered time to freeze by 15%
    • Secondary Fire
      • Added damage falloff
      • Lowered fire rate by 15%

Developer comments: Since last patch we have seen Mei perform significantly better across the board. Even though her overall power level is in a much better place now, too much of that power is coming from her alternate fire. This change moves some of that power from her alternate fire to her primary fire.


  • Teleporter
    • Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%

Developer comments: Teleport was coming up so frequently that it didn’t feel rewarding to eliminate Symmetra’s Teleport Pad. This change should help reward those who hunt down the Teleport Pad while encouraging Symmetra players to find more strategic locations for deployment.


  • Jump Pack
    • Cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

Developer comments: Winston’s survivability took a hit when we recently made changes to Barrier Projector. Overall, Winston being less reliant on a single ability has been good, but we’re looking at bumping his power back up in other ways. Lowering the Jump Pack cooldown allows him to use the ability as a normal engage tool while also giving him more flexibility to use it as an escape option or to continue pressuring the enemy.


  • Particle Cannon
    • Increased the minimum damage by 25%

Developer comments: Zarya’s main strength comes from her ability to absorb damage to increase her own power. While we don’t want to undermine that core functionality, we also want to make sure she feels as though she provides a meaningful contribution in combat even at lower power levels.


  • Discord Orb
    • Now removed by Immunity Effects (Mei Cryo-Freeze, Zarya Barriers, Zenyatta Transcendence)

Developer comments: Discord Orb is a powerful tool that has proven a little too difficult to deal with at times. We’re allowing for some more options to counter the ability while still maintaining its strength.


Overwatch Beta Patch 27704 New Skins

skinsUpdated the character pages with the new skins introduced in patch 27704 (March 8, 2016):

  • “Steambot” Bastion
  • “Wooden” Bastion
  • “Space Frog” Lúcio
  • “Mystery Man” McCree
  • “Raptorion” Pharah
  • “Lionhardt” Reinhardt
  • “Spirit of: 76” Soldier: 76






Video Exploration — New Overwatch Map: Ilios

The latest beta patch 27704 introduced a new control map to the roster of battleground maps. Ilios is located in Greece facing the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.



It’s an amazing map to play in with many tactical spots to exploit to defend or attack control points.

  • This new map is a paradise for Lucio and Winston — pushing players off the edge into the marina below, especially in Round 2 which has a huge hole in the middle of the control point.
  • Widowmaker, Pharah, Genji, and Hanzo have many high-ground places to snipe from afar.
  • Bastion, Torbjörn, Zenyatta, and even Junkrat can reach high-ground via stairs and bridges to sneak attacks from behind or flank from unexpected sides.


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