BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch What’s Next Panel Transcript

This is a full transcript of the BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch: What’s Next Panel held at BlizzCon 2015 in the Anaheim Convention Center. Among the panelists were Jeff Kaplan (game director), Arnold Tsang (assistant art director), and Geoff Goodman (lead hero designer).

BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch What’s Next Panel Transcript

Kaplan: How are you guys doing? I love you too. With me I have two very special guests. I have Arnold Tsang, our assistant art director in Overwatch. This is the guy who draw every single one of those heroes you saw in that line-up.



Prepare for Overwatch | Build it Yourself: Windows 10 HOME – OEM vs Full


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10


windows-10-home-full-versionWindows 10 Home OEM vs Full … This is a question that has plagued even myself. What is the difference between the OEM and Full version of an Operating System? Why do people always goes for OEM?


Windows 10 Home OEM vs Full Version

It is really simple to understand. The OEM is mainly aimed at small, mid, or big computer system builders — whether it is the electronics shop near your neighborhood, your nearest RadioShack store, or Lenovo/DELL/whatnot. Microsoft doesn’t really want you (normal user) to buy and install the OEM.

The reason for this is that the OEM is a license that only allows you to install it on a computer system, and it stays with that computer system until the computer system dies, or until you decide to buy a new hard drive. It is at that point when you install a new hard drive that you realize … uh-oh! I have to buy a new Windows OS? What the [BEEP]!!!

Right now the Windows 10 Home OEM costs around $96 and the Windows 10 Pro OEM costs around $120. Please, please — do NOT buy the OEM version. Huge mistake. Don’t get tempted by the accessible price tag. It is intended for PC builders who sell computers.

Prepare for Overwatch | Build it Yourself: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10


Personally, I went with the G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series. If you are confused on which RAM to use for your new ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard then this article might come handy. The confusion mainly comes from the Intel Core i5-6600K specs page which says “Supports 2133Mhz Dual-Channel DDR4 RAM” in contrast with the ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING specs page which says “Supports DDR4 3200Mhz.” Conflicting specs. Who to listen to: The CPU or the Motherboard specs?

There are many RAM brands in the market like G.SKILL, CORSAIR, Patriot, HyperX, Crucial and Mushkin — to name a few.

However, when you run a search for RAM in Newegg or Amazon supporting 3200Mhz for the ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING motherboard, you will only find a variety of G.SKILL, and CORSAIR kits dominating the pages.

Preparing for Overwatch | Build it Yourself – Gaming Rig


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10


Name of the game in this article is Build it Yourself. In this series of articles, you will learn how to build a low-budget Gaming Rig under $1,500. Personally, I despise buying a computer system through third-party companies that assemble it for you. There are some known brand names out there. I have had experience dealing with two of them: HP and DELL. On the HP front — after their aweful customer service, two fried RADEON 9800 video cards due to their horrible no-airflow cases and crappy power supply, a failed repair after shipping it to HP, and further problems — I decided to build my own computer rig back in 2008, in preparation for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

That was 7 years ago, and Blizzard Entertainment has released many new games since then: Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Diablo III: Reapers of Soul, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void… and soon, Overwatch.

I’m currently an Overwatch Alpha Tester and a World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha Tester. Both games run pretty well on my current system, but I wish to upgrade to be able to livestream, or to record video without causing CPU lag; or lag with Firefox/Chrome and Adobe Photoshop CC open while doing all that activity.



That CPU lag is a sign that I truly need a new system with better CPU clock speeds than what I currently have in my 7-year old computer system:

Prepare for Overwatch | Build it Yourself: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10


intel-core-i5-6600k-cpuIn this article, I chose the Intel Core i5-6600K.**

Intel or AMD CPU? This has been a long-time dilemma and theme of debate. All you need to do is type “Intel vs AMD for Gaming” in your favorite search engine (topped by Tomshardware, Digitaltrends, Techradar, PCGamer and PCAdvisor.Co.UK), and you will see why I decided to go with an Intel Core i5 for a low-budget gaming rig — specifically picked for my gaming and video editing/recording needs.

When you want to build a gaming rig, the first thing that should come to mind is what the heart of the rig is going to be: the CPU. Your main focus has to be the latest technology at the moment of your soulsearching taking in mind that you want this rig to last you at least 7 years, before spending money again on the latest better technology on the block that far ahead.

There are three Intel Core types: i3, i5 and i7. In terms of Gaming CPUs, you want to settle for i5 or i7. The i5 is more like a budget gaming CPU in the $250 – $270 alley, while the i7 is the $400+ gorilla gaming CPU. However, i7 is mostly sought after by video editors, filmmakers, and 3D artists.

Prepare for Overwatch | Build it Yourself: ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard

Here’s how I chose the ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING motherboard. I spent weeks looking around different computer parts review sites such as HardOCP, and the name ASUS keeps ringing my ears. I have been a loyal EVGA fanboy since 2008, but I decided to open up to what other manufacturers have on the table at the moment. I might have a review for the latest EVGA Z170 sometime soon to compare.

I have read about the latest GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI and EVGA motherboards and decided to go with the ASUS Z170 PRO Gaming Motherboard.



How exactly do you come to know which motherboard among the vast variety of brands and models can you choose from to thin out the options?

First, you research what are the latest CPUs out there. I am a bit worried that Intel is abandoning the PC CPU scene, but decided to go with the 6th-Generation Intel CPU instead of an AMD CPU. Intel is just ahead of anything AMD has come up with in terms of technology. AMD is a bit slower shipping out new technologies, so I’d rather go with the flow until I need a new computer years from now.

This is what Matt Smith from Digital Trends says: “I don’t recommend buying an AMD processor if high-end gaming is your goal.”

Prepare for Overwatch | Build it Yourself: Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower Case


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10


In my particular taste, I am going with an upgrade to my current Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced full tower case. It’s hard to believe I can find something better than that — I simply love it; but I found something that feels better on paper (spec description), and the photos show that there is plenty of fans and airflow that makes the jump to upgrade the HAF case worth it.

I already ordered this case, and it’s on its way to my door this Monday, Jan 4th.

The Thermaltake Core V71 (E-ATX) Full Tower Gaming Computer Case simply floored me. It was love at first sight. I’m sorry Cool Master HAF. We have been together since 2008, and I do love you. It is not you. It’s me. Err … schedules appointment with psy– nvm.

build it yourself thermaltake v51


When it comes to Gaming Cases — you heard it… “Gaming Cases,” you need massive airflow: plenty of internal fans, and fan connectors for your CPU and whatnot. The idea of a “Gaming Case” is to keep your CPU, and Graphic Card as cool as humanly possible. These two components are the heart of your system. If they overheat too much, your gaming experience is laggy. Framerates drop drastically. Eventually, the overheating will kill your PC.

There are at least three TOP companies that manufacture these cases with Gamers in mind. You would never go wrong buying from them: Thermaltake, Cool Master, and Antec. There is a fourth one that escapes my memory which makes the most expensive ones, but since we are tinkering with low cost and best-bang-for-your-buck parts, then it’s good I forgot.

If your HP or [other company]-assembled computer is slow, your graphic card is getting really hot, then know that that crappy computer case was designed to be an oven, and not to be a gaming system. There is no common-sense airflow design in those. Tells you someone who has seen two HP computers overheat to death, and two RADEON 9800s dead before 2008. So what did enamore me so much that I went with buying the Thermaltake Core V71? Airflow, Airflow, Airflow is the love word.

Also its Low cost ($119 — usually $159) — that’s a bang for your buck there. But it also has other features such as screwless and tool-free drive bays. Man, I love that. Swap hard disks in and out with no hassle, or: “Damn, where is that missing screw gone to.”

On the front, it has three 200mm LED fans and a 140mm fan which pushes airflow from the front to the back of the computer — cooling your hard drives and pushing air toward your CPU fan and graphic card.



Build it Yourself – Gaming Computer Case

If that’s not enough, then how about options to expand adding more fans on the bottom and the top of the case? Noctua makes some good ones. You also have options and space to add a water cooling system at a later time, if you wish to.


Better yet, the front and bottom fans have dust filters that you can detach and clean.


The Drive Bays are modular. Meaning you can remove the bays from the chassis to and customize your space in the interior.



All of this beats my current Cool Master HAF 932 Advanced Full-Tower Case. My Thermaltake Core V71 (E-ATX) Full Tower Gaming Computer Case arrives in a couple days, and I’ll share bigger and more detailed photos of this awesome case.

If you read the case specifications below, this mammoth is an e-ATX case but it fits three different motherboard types: e-ATX, ATX and Micro-ATX. So chances of going wrong or buying the wrong motherboard or wrong case is eliminated, making this case valuable. Still, I would double-check the dimensions of the motherboard just in [case] (no pun intended).




@dpershonok told me in our staff channel that he has a cheaper alternative with the same airflow options. The Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid Tower Gaming Case is in the $59.99 range with FREE shipping.

  • Tons of fan mounts:
    • Front – 2 x 140/120mm (1 x 120mm LED included)
    • Top – 2 x 120mm
    • Rear – 120mm (included)
    • Bottom – 120mm
  • 2 x USB 3.0 front ports with internal connector
  • Large side panel window
  • Cable routing and CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutouts
  • Seven PCIe slots with room for long graphics cards up to 426mm long
  • Install up to three 3.5” and two 2.5” drives simultaneously – tool free
  • Dust filters for front and PSU intake



Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10

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Overwatch Beta Patch 0.8.1 – Patch Notes

The Overwatch Beta Patch 0.8.1 build was deployed a few minutes ago to address a few exploits and UI bugs.

Bug Fixes – Overwatch Beta Patch 0.8.1

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Tracer to escape team spawn rooms by recalling to the top of a destroyed Ice Wall before the match had begun.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to escape the attacking team’s spawn room on King’s Row before the match had begun.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s Voice Chat icon would sometimes appear grayed out even if they were active in the channel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players’ Friends Lists to be reset whenever automatically silenced in Overwatch.
  • Fixed several client-side and server-side crashes

Source: Overwatch Tech Support Forum

Overwatch Beta Patch 0.8.1 - Patch Notes

Image Teaser – Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis

Micky Neilson’s latest newsletter shows just a peek at Ludo Lullabi’s art. Ludo will be illustrating the upcoming Overwatch: Omnic Crisis graphic novel. If you need memory refreshing, or simply have no clue — Ludo Lullabi was the penciler of the DC/Wildstorm World of Warcraft comic book, World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen, and World of Warcraft: Ashbringer. If you have seen the Legendary card of Gelbin Mekkatorque in Hearthstone — that’s his artwork too.

At the moment of this posting, there is no release date yet for Overwatch: Omnic Crisis other than 2016. The colored version of the image shown at SDCC 2015, was shown by Chris Metzen at BlizzCon 2015.


Micky: Full speed ahead! Ludo is plugging away at the art! Eye-popping gorgeousness and much excitement will ensure. If you don’t know what Overwatch is yet, for shame! Go here and be enlightened.


If that Tracer illustration is just a tease for what we might expect, I certainly want to pre-order already. What about you?


PAX East 2016 Tickets Available Now

The PAX East 2016 tickets are now available. We don’t have intel on whether Blizzard Entertainment might bring Overwatch to PAX East, but they did last year. I was able to play Overwatch at PAX East 2015, and the Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain at a nearby hotel during an invite-only event.


Blizzard Entertainment also had a Hearthstone panel at the event last year, and that room let me tell you was at capacity, and many couldn’t even get into the panel. Thus, if you attend make sure to get to the line at least 2 hours before the panel starts to guarantee you are able to enter.

Bring a heavy coat, gloves, boots, scarf with you. Last year it was 6 degrees in extreme cold, during the worst streak of snow storms which had affected the whole eastern coast above New York.

It is highly vital that you get ahold of a Friday ticket in case there is any special Overwatch or Hearthstone panels presented there. More information about tickets below.

PAX East 2016 Tickets

So hurry up and get your tickets here ASAP before they are sold out.

Note: The 3-Day Pass and Saturday-only tickets are already sold out. Friday and Sunday are available at the moment of this posting.

PAX East 2016 Tickets


Blizzplanet Video: Fastest Overwatch Beta Match?

The Overwatch match starts in Volskaya Industries. I play as Bastion and wrecked havok at the first checkpoint killing 4 enemy players who were defending it. We take the checkpoint.

As I move toward the Checkpoint B, I notice I got brushed by Widowmaker’s shot and look around to see where it came from, and get killed by Soldier:76 while distracted.

I see the quick replay of Soldier:76 killing me, and get back on my feet. Walk a few yards when out of the blue I get VICTORY onscreen. Wait, what? hrmm? 2:00 minutes.

Fastest game ever!

Blizzplanet Video: Fastest Overwatch Beta Match?


Overwatch Beta Gameplay Video


Overwatch Beta – Reaper Gameplay Videos

Reaper can be a rudeless killer machine sneaking behind enemy lines by teleporting to high ground or literally behind them with his Shadow Step ability.

He can avoid enemy damage by shifting into Wraith Form, which makes him immune to damage, but you can’t attack either. It is a good mechanic to use when Bastion goes turret mode. It takes Bastion a couple of seconds to shapeshift back from turret mode, which is enough to take him out.

The Ultimate: Death Blossom is a bit hard to get through without getting killed yourself. Especially in tight spots at the checkpoint where there are too many enemies standing their ground. It’s best used by teleporting from afar right behind them, or sneaking from behind.

Below you can see some of my Overwatch Beta videos playing as Reaper for the first time. May take a bit to hone the Reaper skills.

Overwatch Beta - Reaper Gameplay Videos


Reaper Gameplay Videos | Hanamura


Reaper Gameplay Videos | Temple of Anubis


Reaper Gameplay Videos | Hanamura # 2

Overwatch Livestream – Playing as Genji, Dva and Mei

After BlizzCon 2015, Blizzard Entertainment added these three heroes to the Overwatch roster. I played as Genji, Dva and Mei throughout the video (located at the bottom of this page). My video is about 3 hours long – 720HD available.


overwatch-genji-model-260pxShuriken: Genji is a bit difficult, but fun. His main attack is Shuriken — which has two variations. To throw three consecutive shurikens at a single target press the left-button, or spray three Shuriken in a cone-AOE with the right-button. He has 24 Shuriken, before reload is required.

Deflect (E): With a swipe of his sword, Genji reflects any oncoming projectile and rebounds it back towards the opponent.

Swift Strike (LShift): Personally, I set this to be at the RShift-button. I’m more an arrow keys player than the typical AWSD-key player. Swift Strike impulses Genji forward at fast speed and unleases his katana sword. Targets begin to bleed and take additional damage over time. If Genji eliminates a target with this ability, he can instantly use it again.

Dragonblade (Ultimate): Genji brandishes his katana for a brief period of time. Until he sheathes his sword, Genji can deliver killing strikes to any targets within his reach.

Genji can also double jump by pressing the jump button twice. If you do this on a wall he can climb to a second floor. I was able to climb a bus to reach a second floor bridge, too. People really freaks out when Genji starts darting and jumping around out of view.


overwatch-mei-model-250pxI enjoyed playing as Mei, freezing enemy players (short range), and also creating ice walls to block incoming damage. You can use the ice walls to reach second floors. Simply stand near the building, create a wall beneath your feet and Mei can walk at the top of the ice wall to reach the second floor or bridge. Ice Wall is pretty good in situations when you are trying to flee, or to block the entrance to a checkpoint as a strategy to delay the enemy if they are running out time to take the checkpoint.

Endothermic Blaster: Mei’s blaster unleashes a concentrated, short-range stream of frost that damages, slows, and ultimately freezes enemies in place. Mei can also use her blaster to shoot icicle-like projectiles at medium range.

Cryo-Freeze: Mei instantly surrounds herself with a block of thick ice. She heals and ignores damage while encased, but cannot move or use abilities.

Ice Wall: Mei generates an enormous ice wall that obstructs lines of sight, stops movement, and blocks attacks.

Blizzard (Ultimate): Mei deploys a weather-modification drone that emits gusts of wind and snow in a wide area. Enemies caught in the blizzard are slowed and take damage; those who linger too long are frozen solid.


overwatch-dva-model-300pxI love to play as She is actually a tank. When the mech dies, continues to fight in her human form, giving you an extra health break to finish your opponent or to flee to a safe place. Once your Ultimate is available, press Q to mount a new mech with full health. If the Ultimate is still available you can use Boosters to approach enemies clustered in a narrow area. Press Q to abandon the mech and it will explode, killing enemies within 30-40 yards of the mech. Love love

Fusion Cannons: D.Va’s mech is equipped with twin short-range rotating cannons. They lay down continuous, high-damage fire without needing to reload, but slow D.Va’s movement while they’re active.

Boosters: D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.

Defense Matrix: D.Va can activate this forward-facing targeting array to shoot incoming projectiles out of the air.

Self-Destruct (Ultimate): D.Va ejects from her mech and sets its reactor to explode, dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.


Gameplay video: Genji, Mei and


BlizzCon 2015 – Overwatch Screenshots: Mei, Dva and Genji

Blizzard Entertainment announced three new heroes joining Overwatch: Mei (Cryo-Freeze), D.Va (the mech pilot) and Genji (the tech ninja and Hanzo’s brother). Below are 41 screenshots that show you these three heroes up close in action.







BlizzCon 2015 – Overwatch El Dorado Map Screenshots

El Dorado takes us to a Mexico village currently playable in Overwatch Beta. It has plenty of hiding spots to surprise-attack your opponents from above. Whether on top of the roof or from a narrow window. Escort the payload (the truck) up the road and through the village towards the Lumerica building. You can see a Diablo III-themed easter egg. The Diablo Piñata hails from Whymyshire (the map with the rainbows, unicorns and cute bears).


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