Overwatch: Deadlock Rebels Novel Available Now

Overwatch: Deathlock Rebels novel coverScholastic and Blizzard Entertainment announce the Overwatch: Deadlock Rebels novel is available now for purchase at Scholastic or Amazon. You can read it today.

In addition, there is an excerpt covering Chapter 1-3; and an audio sample of the audiobook narrated by Jennifer Hale (the real voice of Ashe in Overwatch). That’s pretty cool!

The new young adult novel (ages 12-18) is an original story exploring the founding of the Deadlock Gang and the origins of fan-favorite heroes Elizabeth Caledonia (Ashe) and Jesse McCree in the years following the Omnic Crisis. The American Southwest is ripe for the taking and ruled by those looking to profit off the chaos. When Ashe is arrested yet again on the morning of her high school graduation, her aloof, old-money parents decide to disinherit her from the family fortune. To steal back what’s rightfully hers, Ashe teams up with her omnic butler, B.O.B., and local ruffian McCree for a series of heists, catapulting the trio into a game of fast money and dangerous alliances.

Overwatch fans can look forward to high-octane chases and action-packed stand-offs found throughout Deadlock Rebels, while also discovering alongside Ashe that family isn’t just about blood – it’s about the people who’ve got your back when your back’s against the wall!

The new Overwatch: Deadlock Rebels novel is available now in respective paperback, kindle, and audio formats via the Scholastic Store and other retailers

Blizzard From The Vault: May 2021 Releases

Blizzard Entertainment has opened the Blizzard Gear Store’s Blizzard From the Vault to highlight a limited-release Overwatch Original Sketch Concept Art and a Blizzard 30th Anniversary Binder. But that’s not all. Check out the return of many fan favorite licensed products exclusively for this anniversary sale.

This Overwatch Original Sketch is what inspired the first team concept artwork shown at the BlizzCon 2014 Overwatch Origins panel.

Blizzplanet Review: Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani

On June 2, Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani will ship to those who pre-ordered or be sent straight to your Kindle device or app.

In the meantime, certain fansites and communities have gotten a review copy to read — 5 days earlier — in advance.

Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani is an original novel by Nicky Drayden and published by Scholastic, Inc.

With that said, the target audience for this novel is children from age 7-9, but welcome to be read by any age above the intended target, including adults. Just keep in mind it was written for children education purposes.

Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani Excerpt

I reported the first sign that a unannounced project by Scholastic was coming after my visit to the NYCC 2019 Scholastic: Women of AK panel where I asked senior editor Chloe Fabione if there were plans for upcoming products licensed by Blizzard Entertainment.

A few months ago, the front cover of the Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani was revealed during a BlizzCon 2019 panel.

The countdown is approaching its end. Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani by Nicky Drayden is coming on June 2. If you pre-ordered the digital version, it will be sent to your Kindle device or Kindle app that day.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment shared a lengthy book excerpt (below).

Razer Nari Ultimate Overwatch Lucio Edition

Razer is selling the Blizzard-licensed Razer Nari Ultimate Overwatch Lucio Edition for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile via its 3.5mm and USB connectors. Usually at $229.99, you can get it now for $169.99. That’s $60 or 26% off.

  • Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback for Unparalleled Immersion: Provides industry-leading audio realism for intense, in-game immersion and positional accuracy coupled with THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Audio – Enjoy high-fidelity, no-lag gaming audio.
  • Lightweight & Auto-Adjusting Headband for Extended Gaming Sessions: The Nari Ultimate adapts to the shape of the user’s head for convenient comfort.
  • Retractable Mic with Audio Adjustment: Tune game/chat balance for the perfect mix of game audio and team communication; also includes a volume adjustment wheel and mic mute button directly on the headset.
  • Soft Cloth Cushions with Cooling Gel: Reduces heat build-up while providing comfort and sound isolation for hours of comfort.
  • Compatibility: Wireless connection with PC and PS4. Wired compatibility via 3.5mm cable with PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Includes 16.8 million color combinations.

NYCC 2019: New Overwatch Book – The Hero of Numbani

UPDATE (March 5/2020): The release date has been pushed from May 5 to June 2, 2020.

UPDATE (11/19): The high-definition cover has been added to Amazon today for the first time since the BlizzCon reveal.

UPDATE (11/16): The cover of Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani was revealed at the BlizzCon 2019 panel: The Writer’s Room: Building the Worlds of Blizzard.

In 2018, I attended the New York Comic Con to visit Scholastic’s Women of AFK panel. During the Q&A, I stepped up to ask Chloe Fraboni (Scholastic, senior editor) if there were any plans to publish books based on Blizzard IPs.

Her response was a bit cryptic: “We have some new stuff going on with Blizzard that I can’t say what property it is for. But I am really excited about it.”

In the NYCC 2018 article, I did note that while she did not specify what this upcoming book property it was for, during the panel she admitted she had visited the Blizzard Entertainment campus, and met her dream developer: Jeff Kaplan, and she mentioned she was an avid Overwatch player. From the get-go, this signaled to me later that the property they were working on was Overwatch. My speculation turned out to be true. You can pre-order The Hero of Numbani now (Kindle + Paperback).

NYCC 2019 Exclusive: Biohazard Wrecking Ball

Funko announced recently that New York Comic Con attendees might have a chance to buy an NYCC 2019 Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl 6″ Biohazard Wrecking Ball. Quantities are limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. You can find them at Booth #722, visible in the show floor map.

New York Comic Con opens its doors to the public on October 3rd at the Javits Center in Manhattan (655 West 34th Street).

Hasbro Overwatch Action Figures

The Hasbro Overwatch Ultimate Series Action Figures have arrived introducing 6-inch collectible action figures for Reinhardt, Soldier: 76, Ana (Shrike Skin), Mercy and Pharah, Tracer, Reaper (Blackwatch Reyes skin), Lucio, and Sombra.

The Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series 2 with Junkrat, Zarya, Tracer, Hanzo, Genji, and McCree are on their way on August 2019. If you are a SDCC 2019 attendee visit the Blizzard booth # 140 or the Hasbro booth #3213 to check them out.

Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Soldier: 76 & Shrike (Ana) Skin Dual Pack 6" Collectible Action FiguresHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Lucio 6" Collectible Action Figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Soldier: 76Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Lucio
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Sombra 6" Collectible Action FigureHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Tracer 6" Collectible Action Figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series SombraHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Tracer
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Blackwatch Reyes Skin 6" Collectible Action FigureHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Pharah & Mercy Dual Pack 6" Collectible Action Figures
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Blackwatch ReyesHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Pharah & Mercy
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Reinhardt 6" Collectible Action FigureHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series McCree 6" Collectible Action Figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series ReinhardtHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series McCree action figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Genji 6" Collectible Action FigureHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Junkrat Action Figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Genji action figureHasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Junkrat action figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Zarya Action Figure
Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Zarya action figure

LEGO Overwatch

The Lego Overwatch series consits of 6 collectible display sets, 12 minifigures and buildable maps. Starting October 1, 2019, Wrecking Ball (75976), Junkrat, and Roadhog (75977) will join the roster of LEGO Overwatch minifigures.

Wrecking Ball contains 227 pieces and will be sold for $19.99. Junkrat & Roadhog contain 380 pieces and will be sold for $49.99.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook (Final Cover)

Insight Editions reached out to share further details about the upcoming Overwatch: The Official Cookbook by best-selling author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook

Overwatch: The Official CookbookBlizzard Entertainment’s hit team-based action game Overwatch® has entertained more than 40 million players in 140 countries around the globe. Soon, hungry heroes taking a break from battle and searching for inspiration in the kitchen won’t have to look any further than Chelsea Monroe-Cassel’s Overwatch: The Official Cookbook (Insight Editions; October 1, 2019; SRP $35.00).

Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon Overwatch, this official
cookbook is packed with scores of authentic recipes inspired by the game’s diverse heroes, who hail from all corners of the world. Inspired by the game’s optimistic vision of future Earth and vibrant cast, this cookbook features international food and drink recipes from the homelands of your favorite Overwatch heroes. Each recipe includes straightforward step-by-step instructions, mouthwatering full-color photos, and more.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook is the latest in Insight Editions’ highly successful line of licensed cookbooks, including World of Warcraft®: The Official Cookbook, Hearthstone®: Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook, Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Cookbook, and Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook.

Hardcover: 216 pages
Publisher: Insight Editions
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1683835883
ISBN-13: 978-1683835882
Product Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches

About the Contributors
Chelsea Monroe-Cassel is the coauthor of the best-selling A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook and Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook and the author of World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook and Hearthstone: Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook. Her work is a synthesis of imagination and historical research. This passion has led her to a career of transforming imaginary foods into reality. She greatly enjoys foreign languages, treasure hunting, history, and all things related to honey.

About Insight Editions:
Celebrated for its unwavering dedication to quality, Insight Editions is a publisher of innovative books and collectibles that push the boundaries of creativity, design, and production. Through its acclaimed film, television, and gaming program, Insight strives to produce unique books and products that provide new ways to engage with fan-favorite characters and stories. Under this program, Insight has published books covering the worlds of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and the Harry Potter films, among many others. Insight’s award-winning art, photography, and sports titles celebrate the artistry and history of a wide range of subjects that include the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, the San Francisco Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys. Other divisions include a line of deluxe stationery products, as well as a children’s imprint, Insight Kids. For more information, visit www.insighteditions.com.

About Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Best known for blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft®, Hearthstone®, Overwatch®, the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® franchises, and the multi-franchise Heroes of the Storm®, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (www.blizzard.com), a division of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software renowned for creating some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed games. Blizzard Entertainment’s track record includes twenty-two #1 games and numerous Game of the Year awards. The company’s online gaming service, Blizzard Battle.net®, is one of the largest online-gaming services in the world, with millions of active players.

Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition Board Game

Activision Blizzard issued a press release about new licensee partnerships and products which include Hasbro’s Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition Board Game.

Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition Board Game

It’s the Monopoly game for players of the Overwatch video game. In the board game, each player drafts a team of 3 including a group leader, and then they battle for the high score to win! Players earn points by moving around the board capturing objectives and collecting loot boxes. The Monopoly Overwatch Collector’s Edition features a premium box and Game Guide for true fans of Overwatch.

The Hasbro Gaming, Parker Brothers, and Monopoly names and logos, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the Mr. Monopoly name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.

• Incudes gameboard, 6 Character tokens, 6 Group leader cards, 21 Character cards, 16 Objective cards, 9 Loot Box cards, 4 Reminder cards, 1 Numbered die, 1 Ability die, 90 Plastic HP chips (50 fives and 40 ones), and Game Guide.

• INSPIRED BY OVERWATCH: This Monopoly board game is inspired by the wildly popular Overwatch video game; designed with Overwatch fans in mind

• 6 CHARACTER TOKENS: The Overwatch edition of the Monopoly game features 6 character tokens including D.Va, Lúcio, Mercy, Reaper, Tracer, and Winston

• COLLECTOR’S EDITION: This Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition board game makes a great gift or collector’s item for Overwatch players

• LEAD A TEAM OF HEROES: Players choose a group leader, draft a team, and battle for the high score to win the Monopoly game Overwatch edition

• EARN POINTS: Travel around the Monopoly board earning points by capturing objectives and collecting loot boxes; the player with the highest score wins the Overwatch edition of the Monopoly board game

• Ages 13 and up
• 2 to 6 players

Read the press release below:

Overwatch 2018 All-Star Weekend Skins Available: Genji and Tracer

With the arrival of the Overwatch 2018 All-Star Weekend tournament, the new Pacific Genji and Atlantic Tracer division skins are available for 200 League Tokens ($9.99 each). Available only through August 17-27, 2018. Watch my video below.

Collect All 6 Kellogg’s Overwatch Posters

Collect all 6 Kellogg’s Overwatch Posters! Today, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said the following during the Activision Blizzard 2018 Q2 financial results conference call’s Q&A:

Morhaime: In addition to our partnerships with sponsors on the eSports side, we have also announced some new consumer products partners for the game. We have LEGO, Nerf, UNIQLO and Kellogg’s, and we think those partnerships will help us bring Overwatch to fans and new audiences throughout the world. So very excited about the future of Overwatch.

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