The Flaws that Need to be Fixed in Overwatch 2

Overwatch has had many flaws over the years as new heroes have been added. Some of the flaws have resulted in major hero overhauls.

Symmetra has had at least two major overhauls to her abilities kit. Mercy at some point had a couple overhauls as well. Several bug fixes to many heroes, and slight changes as well.

Some heroes are considered broken. Just search for some content creator videos out there to learn more about them.

But there is one major thing in Overwatch that needs to be fixed in Overwatch 2, if not before it.


If there is a constant throughout countless games is how difficult it is to win a match with an extremely good Pharah+Mercy combo.

I have witnessed many matches where we have had to get a Soldier: 76 and a McCree simultaneously to try to kill the pharah or the mercy — unsuccessfully.

Add to that situation the fact that not everyone is willing to switch to a hitscan, or to switch to a shield tank (able to protect the hitscan).

To add salt to the injury after so many years of this Pharah+Mercy debacle, Blizzard introduced not a flying healer, but a flying DPS: Echo — which a much better flying manuever and mobility, able to burn shield heroes quickly and effectively with a Mercy boosting its damage.

The solution isn’t to nerf Mercy so she can’t fly for long periods of time — tempting as it might be.

The solution is to bring heroes that can better counter Pharah and Echo. This can be accomplished by a hero that shoots an area of effect Net that drives Pharah and Mercy down to the ground.

We have seen this in Warcraft III. It is a no-brainer. This is what Overwatch needs to counter such a great combo.

If not a net, at least the equivalent of an AOE hack shot into the sky that disables flight instantly and prevents it for 4-6 seconds.

Or a hero able to cast what Symmetra does as a Ultimate but as a normal ability. But not a vertical forcefield. A horizontal forcefield that is projected 8 feet above players for X amount of time.

A Soldier: 76 and/or a McCree are no longer enough to counter a really good Pharah+Mercy combo, or Echo+Mercy combo.

A pre-Overwatch 2 solution to counter air might be adding Torbjorn the ability to decide which type of turret to use. If there is a genji or tracer, or reaper — go for a normal turret. If there is a Pharah, switch to a anti-air turret with more HP. Instead of shooting missiles that do damage on impact, throws energy lassos or bolas that wrap around Pharah or Echo and they drop out of the sky.

Another issue are the Widow smurfs. Everyone will tell you that we need a Winston to dive the Widow. Well, that’s not always a good solution, depending on the map.

It doesn’t make much sense for a Tank (Winston) to have to deal or counter a ranged DPS. Sombra maybe could do the deed. A Reaper too. But sometimes these Widow smurfs can easily escape and dominate a match.

It is not always a good thing to swap to a Hanzo or Ashe to counter another sniper. Especially, if the enemy is better or a smurf.

Maybe it is time to add heroes especialized in countering snipers, and countering flyers — rather than using heroes that are better at other specialties deal with something they aren’t necessarily fit to counter in all situations and maps.


Overwatch is not Heroes of the Storm. Repeat with me: Overwatch is not Heroes of the Storm.

In Heroes of the Storm, as it was launched in 2015, the premise was that heroes from alternate realities were pulled into the Nexus to battle each other. Long before the Raven Lord was introduced as the main antagonist responsible for the Nexus, we already knew that was the general gist of what Heroes of the Storm was.

In Overwatch, the flawed lore clearly says that there are many rogue factions versus the Overwatch team: Talon, The Junkers, The Shimada Clan, Vishkar Corporation.

Overwatch as a video game should just go simpler than that: the good guys (sanctioned by the government) and the bad guys (rogue organizations focusing on self-interest goals, or anti-government).

So explain to me why it is ok to play Competitive Play with Soldier: 76 and Reaper in the same team. Why should Junkrat play alongside Tracer?

Why should Pharah or Ana play alongside Widowmaker (who likely shot Ana in the eye).

Why should Pharah fight with an enemy team that has Ana? Isn’t she attacking and killing her own mother; and viceversa?

Overwatch should be World of Warcraft: Alliance vs Horde.

Overwatch shouldn’t be Heroes of the Storm: Team 1 has Junkrat. Team 2 has… Junkrat. Really? Why are there two Junkrats in the same match, and two Torbjorn, and two Reinhardts. It is absurd. It is nonsense.

Overwatch is not a match between two alternate realities or universes where you fight a version of yourself.

The truth is we have had to deal with this mess of a game for too long. We were sold an incomplete, half-baked game. It has been 5 years, and there haven’t been much progress to fix the in-game story and gameplay rules.

It should be Overwatch vs [whatever name] of associated rogue organizations.

When you enter a match, you should be placed randomly into the Overwatch Team or the Rogue team.

The Overwatch team should only allow you to pick the roster of Overwatch agents: Tracer, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Genji, Pharah, Ana, etc.

The Rogue Team (Let’s call it that way for now) should only allow you to pick from Reaper, Roadhog, Sigma, Widowmaker, Ashe, etc.

That is what makes sense. That’s a true video game. What we got is not a game. It was a rushed product. We paid for a Alpha game that hasn’t been completed 5 years later.

Looking forward to BlizzConline to find out if any of these two flaws will be addressed. But even so, we won’t see Overwatch 2 for at least another year.


Reinhardt: Reinhardt has never been fixed or explained. The cinematic didn’t specify that Reinhardt’s hammer has the ability to phase through walls, and big objects. Have you tried to outrun a Reinhardt around a corner? It doesn’t matter. For as long as he is swinging his weapon, he still hits you through the wall. Through the payload — which is a large vehicle. One thing I have noticed in the kill feed constantly when ults is that most of the time a healer is going to die, no matter what. As if there is some sort of preference filter to hit healers. The radius doesn’t care if you are taking cover and you are out of line of sight — just for being in the expanding orb,’s ultimate will kill you. Sometimes you are spared. It is difficult to tell exactly what makes you safe or vulnerable to it going off. If it is not consistent, then it is broken.

McCree: There was a patch several months ago that made McCree’s ultimate deploy faster. Unsure if that fix is still active, or balanced. Sometimes you go out of view, but still the ultimate kills you. Other times, like yesterday, the McCree was on top of the moving platform in Volskaya. I was playing as Mercy, and as soon as I saw him, I hide behind a lamp-post. That’s a thin pole, folks. As the platform moved, I moved mercy while kneeling to hide from McCree’s face. I have no clue how but it seems he couldn’t target Mercy. His Ult ended up expiring, and he had to jump down and dash forward to get to me — surviving his Ult. To me right there something tells me that something is broken with his Ult targeting. I shouldn’t have survived his ult with such a thin pole. Is it facial recognition aim target or a body-shape recognition aim target? Awkward.

Zarya: Why exactly does Zarya’s ult affect players on the other side of the wall? Why doesn’t her ult recognizes wall collision?

Mercy: I am mostly a Mercy main, but also play Moira and Lucio depending on the map. Have you tried to Guardian Angel (jump) to a friendly target in desperation to escape enemies, and instead you are slung back away into the enemy? What?! I have not yet been able to figure out how some elite Mercy players cause Guardian Angel to propel Mercy upward into the sky. But I certainly sling in the opposite direction (not intended) into the enemy too often for my taste. Most of the times the enemy is so surprised at having me right in front of their face that they miss me entirely and I survive with a quick desperate Guardian Angel spam, but heck that’s some scary shit.

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