Storm Rising Event Strategy

Storm Rising is now live. Players can face the adventure as Winston, Genji, Mercy, or Tracer in Co-op Story mode in four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, Legendary.

The event can also be played in Co-op All Heroes mode with the same difficulties. In All Heroes mode, you can play as any of the Overwatch heroes. All of them are available to choose.

Check out all the new skins, sprays, voicelines, victory poses, and intros available during the Storm Rising event.

The Normal and Hard difficulty modes can be beat without much of a strategy, but my strategy for the Expert difficulty can be useful, if it is a challenge. The Expert difficulty strategy can be found below the videos, further down in the current page.

The same strategy might be useful for Legendary difficulty.





STRATEGY: The team will ignore you a countless times. Repeat the strategy a countless more. Only attack what winston attacks — that ensures all DPS goes to the same units, and that the team is together at all times for easy resurrection, and for Winston to pop the shield while resurrecting.

When the Assassin spawns, stack together. Mercy — heal whoever the Assassin attacks. Pop the shield for resurrection on top of the dead player.

During the boss fight in the Distillery, fight the Heavy Assault (boss) where he spawns (topside), but pull him to the the wall. That way, Mercy, Tracer, and Genji can shoot from inside the two-door small room. All other enemies will have to crawl upstairs, and the two-doors room serves as a bottleneck.

At the Sea Fort, DO NOT leave Winston. Use the payload as a natural shield to take cover from snipers. Winston can jump toward the sniper. The landing will knock her off the ledge. Genji can shoot at the sniper from afar. Using the payload as cover from shots, let the enemy units come to you to the payload.

Inside the Sea Fort, kill everything on sight. Stack when the Assassin spawns. Pop shield if someone dies by the Assassin, and resurrect.

LISTEN: When the two Heavy Assault bosses spawn, immediately everyone has to RUN past the bridge, and enter into the building at the other side of the bridge. Something peculiar about this building is that it has a massive hole in the wall at the second floor. This is important.

Going into that building forces the boss, and all enemy units spawning to walk through the bridge. Use the doorways as natural shields to take cover from incoming shots.

Eventually, the boss will enter the building. Start shooting everything, and go upstairs.

If anybody dies, keep heading upstairs. Dont resurrect yet. Now exit the second floor through the hole. This forces the boss and all enemy units to go back downstairs. Kill anything you can.

While enemy units are distracted outside, someone go resurrect whoever died. Preferrably, Mercy’s quick resurrect.

WINSTON and Genji — jump back inside the second floor through the hole on the wall. Mercy can jump toward Winston to the second floor. The boss and enemy units will have to slowly crawl back upstairs. Kill them. Rinse and repeat.

Congrats. You beat Storm Rising Expert mode. =)

Note: After a lot of failures, I observed everyone’s gameplay mistakes that led to defeat. From those many observations, I devised a strategy by looking around the environment. The hole on the wall at the second floor of the building located opposite to the Sea Fort (across the bridge) looked like a perfect bunker to climb in and out, offering a lot of shield-cover from incoming shots.

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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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