Something Overwatch 2 Needs to Fix

The fourth anniversary of Overwatch is rapidly approaching. Overwatch launched on May 24, 2016. It is difficult for me to grasp how Blizzard Entertainment has not fixed the most obvious problem in Overwatch — at least for Competitive Play.

The elephant in the room.


A bit blunt on the nose, but Overwatch is not Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard was able to allow the same hero on both teams because the Nexus pulls heroes from alternate universes, and alternate timelines and time periods (past vs present or vs future).

For example:

  • Tychus versus Infested Tychus.
  • Ivory Tyrael vs Demonic Tyrael.
  • Ghostlands Sylvanas vs Crimson Warchief Sylvanas.

You pretty much get my drift with these examples. So how is it possible for a match to have 2 Widowmakers? Or two Mercys? Or two Reinhardts? It blatantly makes no sense.

What Overwatch 2 should do is disable the selection of Junkrat after Team 1 picks Junkrat — so that Team 2 is not able to pick it. It would work exactly as it does when you are choosing a hero in Team 1. When someone in your team picks Reinhardt, another teammate can no longer pick it. That system should be enabled across both teams so that there is never two of the same Hero.

I say this shouldn’t have happened ever since the 2016 launch. There were plently of heroes back then. But now that Overwatch 2 will introduce more heroes — and new systems in place, there is no excuse not to fix this double hero issue.

Disable it for Competitive Play, enable it for Arcade and custom games.


Pharah and Mercy together have plagued our gameplay for ages now. It is just too difficult for the other team’s hitscan to be effective in killing Pharah.

Pharmercy combo is just to overpowered for Soldier: 76, or Ashe, or McCree. I am not saying it is not possible to counter the pharmercy, but you gotta be really good and have a dedicated healer keeping the hitscan alive long enough to do anything.

We have had now like 10 new heroes since the basic roster at launch. Now we have Echo who has a lot of mobility in the air, and her very troublesome damage kit.

So… when is Blizzard going to add a proper counter for these flying heroes? And by that I mean… let’s take a look at Warcraft III. How would your units with “attacks land units” only dealt with air units?

Blizzard had a few counters for that. One of them: Raider with the Ensnare upgrade.

Blizzard could develop a hero with the ability to trap flying units by launching some kind of net, knocking them to the ground for a few seconds.

How about a hero able to blind Pharah for 3-5 seconds by launching a rocket into the sky that explodes — should work like the World of Warcraft’s boss ability that blinds you if you don’t look away?

There could be other interesting ways to counter Pharah-Mercy, forcing the Pharah to switch. I have been in so many games where the Pharah would never switch and pester my team almost unchallenged.

Overwatch 2 should definitely have more effective flying-hero counters — especially now that Echo has arrived as the latest hero.

Technically, Blizzard doesn’t need to wait for a new hero to fulfill this flying-hero counter. Certain existing heroes might be able to do it if Blizzard added special skills — now that Overwatch 2 is introducing some sort of skill tree that makes each Tracer unique, or each Roadhog unique.

I mean, imagine a skill tree that allowed Roadhog to hook 2-3 players simultaneously? That Pharah-Mercy would be pulled out of the sky to the ground in no time. That would be awesome.

How about Orisa’s pulling orb having a skill of pulling players to the orb — and the orb coming back to Orisa along with all its victims? That would be like Zarya’s graviton ult moving back to Zarya.

So a flyer counter doesn’t necessarily needs a brand-new hero. Existing heroes in Overwatch 2 could have varied skills doing the same objective.

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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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