Sombra Hacks the Overwatch Forums

Blizzard Entertainment resumed teasing the next Overwatch hero: Sombra in the form of ARG.

ARG: “An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform, and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players’ ideas or actions.”

Today, the Official Overwatch Forums got a new post titled 00110010 00110011. When you open the page, a forum user going by Skycoder says: “la que tiene la información, tiene el poder.” — spanish for “She who has the knowledge, has the power.”



The page immediately starts to degrade into oblivion, as if hacked. A photo of Reaper appears. Then many strings of code start filling the screen. Very likely the code reveals some hidden info.


This is the code extracted from the hacked page:



Update: According to LymiaAluysia, in Reddit, the code stands for:

S O M B r @ 1 N F : r M @ 7 i O N 1 S P 0 v v E r r S O M B r @

Leetspeak lingo for: Sombra Information is Power Sombra

Update: Rhykker has an interesting video with more info:

Recently, the Eichenwalde map (available now in PTR) contains a wall-poster with the Eichenwalde evacuation date: 11.10 3-8:00 (which stands for Tuesday, October 11 at 3-8:00am — coincidentally the Europe maintenance time). The evacuation date has no year, so who knows — maybe it’s a clue about Sombra’s reveal date?). A few weeks after that date is BlizzCon (November 4-5).

The video below shows you what the page does when you visit this forum page (in case it gets deleted).



skycoder-sombra-avatarThe Overwatch forum post hacked by Sombra, shows Reaper flickering in and out. The avatar of the forum poster, Skycoder, shows a calabera (skeleton skull) with the eyes painted in a Mexican Day of the Death fashion.

It is possible that Sombra is Alejandra — who showed up in Soldier: 76’s Animated Short: Hero. Furthermore, it might be possible that Alejandra is Gabriel Reyes (aka Reaper)’s daughter.



It wouldn’t be the first time that two Overwatch heroes are related. For example, Pharah and her mother Ana Amari (who joined Overwatch as the most recent hero added to the game after SDCC 2016).

Another thing to note is that, in the animated short: Hero, Soldier: 76 is seen watching down at Alejandra’s home. As if he knows all along who the girl is. Soldier: 76 and Gabriel Reyes were formerly good friends during the old days of the original Overwatch team. Maybe Soldier: 76 has been keeping close watch on the daughter of the man he thought dead.

The event of “Hero” takes place before Lúmerico power plants were built. So, Alejandra is a young adult by now at an age she could join the heroes she learned of from her mother since childhood.


All the clues about Sombra since first she was introduced in the El Dorado Map — where she hacked into the Lúmerico mainframe. Both images below show mentions of SOMBRA in El Dorado map. One is a computer screen saying: “Unauthorized Access: Protocol Sombra” and two folder files: one for Soldier: 76 and another that says “Sombra. Classified.”


At the end of the Developer Update: Introducing Ana video (originally posted Jul 19, 2016), there seems to be another hint at Sombra being a technology hacker when the video feed flickers. That was the first time Sombra manifests herself outside the game world, into the real world (transmedia/ARG). The last image in particular, had a hidden message within the barcodes.


A month ago, with the Ana patch, the Overwatch files were datamined and sound files were found (not currently heard in-game in live servers) for several heroes who say things like:

Genji: I sense the presence of the enemy.
McCree: Now I can’t see you, but I know you’re there.
Torbjorn: Ehh, someone’s lurking over here.

Reaper: Something’s not right.
Soldier: 76: Something’s not right.
Tracer: Something’s not right.

Pharah: There is a hidden enemy here.

Genji: My power is drained.

Announcer: I am detecting a huge amount of data transfer from the Monastery.
Announcer: Unauthorized person detected.

The actual audio files can be found here.

Sombra might likely be able to either make herself invisible or buff a player with Invisibility; and be able to hack turrets, and teleportation devices. Almost all heroes have some kind of tech gizmo. So a hero able to hack into other players’ abilities or gadgets is kinda cool and fearsome.


Hero Type

If Sombra had some kind of shenanigan ability to screw with enemy gadgets — some of these heroes might be affected in different ways:

Torbjörn: Turret
Bastion: Omnic
Zenyatta: Omnic
McCree: Imagine Sombra hacking his target system to knock his own allies at high noon.
Soldier: 76: tactical visor (scrambled) & biotic field (does damage to allies instead)
Genji: unable to reload, or move.
Pharah: unable to fly for x seconds.
Tracer: unable to blink or recall for x seconds.
Junkrat: Sombra takes control of his RIP-tire, or disable his traps while in her invisible form.
Mei: Deactivate Blizzard drone.
Zarya: Deactivate barrier
Winston: Deactivate Jump Pack and Barrier Projector.
Widowmaker: Disable Venom mine and/or scramble Infra-sight. Hmm…
Symmetra: Deactivate Portal or better yet — hack it so that Sombra’s team can use the portal.

One example of a known class able to do shenanigans is in Team Fortress 2 … the Spy.


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