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President Guillermo Portero Webmail

As seen in one of Gonzalo’s webmail messages in the previous widget (reference: Guillermo’s Page), Valeria tells Pedro to investigate why there is a lot of web traffic coming to Guillermo’s private webmail page. She provides to us the URL:

However, when you visit the page you get halted with this warning message: “ACCESS DENIED: IP Address invalid. Invalid Session attempt detected. Additional attempts will be prosecuted with the full rigor of the law.



When you right-click and choose “View Page Source,” you can find a hidden element that says:

(!– President Auth-Bypass Revision 1.02: /.git/ –)

One of the Game Detective followers decided to add the /.git/ string to the website URL (which looks like this):

However, opening that page in your browser leads you to a “403 Not Authorized” page.



That didn’t stop the Game Detectives, and somehow pulled a .Git file from the Lumérico server. Then uploaded the file to GitHub for public perusal.

Then he found an encryption element class.president-bypass.php which gave access to the username GPortero (Cap sensitive) and the encrypted password string ?MzY:MTI5:?AzY:OWM?:?EDO:ZGU?:jVTM:MTJm:2ITM:MTUw:?QjY:OWY?:?kTO:MTQx:?MzY

The Discord community deciphered the encrypted password into this: [email protected]+Bkuqd<53uJ

The president Guillermo Portero’s IP number is:

After some trial and error, I duplicated their method to login into the president’s webmail. Go to this URL:

NOTE: CAP sensitive. Type it the same way you see it:

Username: GPortero
Password: [email protected]+Bkuqd<53uJ

This will allow you to login into President Guillermo Portero's webmail page. Click where it says "Bienvenidos, GPortero" to enter.



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LumériCo Staff Members

Angel M. BurciagaABurciagaPhysical Security Specialist
Arturo CastañoACastanoMaintenance
Gonzalo FloresGFloresg#fNwP5qJ
Gabriela MoyanoGMoyanoChief Technology
Guillermo PorteroGPortero[email protected]+Bkuqd<53uJPresident CEO
Juan EsparzaJEsparza
Jose LeonesJLeonesChief Engineer
Arturo Castaño / Sombra#Mantenimiento
María JiménezMJimenezd0r*NuLw9Chief Security
Manuel OliveraMOliveiraChief Accounting
Pedro MuñozPMunoz
Rodrigo MendozaRMendozaExecutive Assistant
Valeria Valderrama (Val Val)VValderramaWeb Analyst
Yolanda MejíaYMejiaMailroom Manager


Further details can be found at the source of all this Sombra ARG saga: Game Detectives website



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