Sombra ARG: Lumerico Website

A Lumerico website was discovered in the latest Sombra ARG update after Blizzard deployed Overwatch Patch v1. (earlier today: Oct-19) which revealed a new clue.

If you remember, on Tue Oct 18, 2016, after the website’s countdown reached 100% there was a message in spanish saying: “Bastion E-54 unidad comprometida” which translates into “Bastion E-54 unit compromised” — but the proper meaning is “hacked.”

Lo and behold, Bastion got hacked for a few hours. Basically, for a short period of time (early morning hours of Wed Oct 19th) the new Overwatch patch played an audio file with awkward beeps coming from Bastion when he came close to the monitor that displays the “Protocolo Sombra v2.3” message in El Dorado. The beeping was identified to be morse code: SQOFJFBNITIZWGDXSDO

Curiously, some people claim that Blizzard removed the audio file shortly after people deciphered the morse code. Thus, this can’t be reproduced anymore. This video shows how those beeps sounded like:


**A nice Morse Code tool can be found here.
**Morse Code letter chart here.


The Morse code was unlocked through Vigenere cipher by Discord user Crab using the previous password hint (discovered on Aug 24, 2016): [email protected]:[email protected]@

The Morse code data resulted into this string: ACCESSWWWLUMERICOMX

Want to do it yourself? Go to


Copy-Paste this into the KNOWING THE KEY field: [email protected]:[email protected]@



Going to the website you can see the following webpage:


LumériCo is a truly resilient web and energy company which works hard to enlighten the path for all of México.



Clicking through the navigation options you get to read more details about LumériCo. This is what is shown when you click LA COMPANIA (THE COMPANY):


LumériCo was founded with a mission, to provide México with a modern web infrastructure through clean energy and internet access for the whole country at an affordable price. We provide our services to communities countrywide and we are committed to ensure the connection to all people. We work everyday to bring our national network to additional areas of the country.

About Guillermo Portero

Guillermo Portero, a hero who directed the company during the Omnic Crisis, was voted president of México shortly before the end of the crisis, and he committed himself into rebuilding the heavily damaged infrastructure of the country. After his presidence, Portero founded LumériCo to continue the work he started during the leadership of his country. Under his term, LumériCo has continued its progress toward his goal to build a more modern and successful México.



This is what appears when you click “NOTICIAS” (NEWS):

2 days ago

We have received reports about ominic customers suffering little service interruptions, including the possible transmission of an awkward sound. We don’t have further info to report at this time, but we continue investigating the cause of this matter.

5 days ago

With the conclusion of inspections and final security approvals, November 1st has been determined as the launch date of the LumériCo nuclear plant. All residents of El Dorado and nearby zones (see service map for further details) will be automatically transferred to the new system with the fees previously announced. To commemorate this moment, LumériCo will host an event the same day with the presence of president Guillermo Portero. More details will be revealed soon. Welcome to LumériCo News! Now you can read more relevant news about LumériCo at this website!



The next clue in the Sombra ARG is revealed when you actually take your phone (or alternatively via Skype phone) and call the phone number at the bottom-right of the LumériCO website: (510) 766-2726
**This is a California Area Code (510).

As heard in my video below, a recording plays in spanish saying these numbers: 5-2-4-1-3 (pause) 23-4-14-8-6-18-17-23-21-18-15


The second string of numbers is turned into alphabet letters (i.e. 23=W) resulting into these letters: WDNHFRQWURO

Using ROT cipher that string of letters is revealed to say: TAKECONTROL

NOTE: Go to this ROT decoder website:

Copy/paste the text in their decoder field: WDNHFRQWURO



ROT-23 reveals: TAKECONTROL (and it is no coincidence that Blizzard used “23” to reveal the correct answer. Sombra will be the 23rd hero to be added to Overwatch).



“TAKECONTROL” was cleverly added to the Lumérico website’s URL path to uncover the next part of the Sombra ARG:

Going to that URL displays the following text with the unmistakable image of Sombra (truncated to prevent our page from breaking):

aLiuielPr ursmoootlnielteeánlosulobeauaanopearrúiesltéyrosssisuaaeaenremsieaismdjmolrsspebiecdéyusittnvrcacp.taebrtLiunróporner






That string of text was then decoded with a Transposition Cipher using the first part of the Phone call message as the key: 5-2-4-1-3

The resulting message in spanish reveals:

Los felicito por haber llegado hasta aquí. Solo quería saber si estaban listos. (Hey, es muy difícil encontrar buena ayuda últimamente…deberían ver algunos de los payasitos que están trabajando conmigo) Por ahora, continuemos con el verdadero reto: acabar con LumériCo y su president e Guillermo Portero. ¿Y porqué? Porque es un hombre codicioso, corrupto y un ladrón abominable. Su plan de traer en línea el más grande y el más poderoso zigurat el 1 de noviembre no es nada más que una artimaña, un elaborado plan designado para ejercer aún más influencia sobre la gente de México y en gordar los bolsillos de sus compinches. ¿Y quién va a pagar por eso? La gente común y corriente, los mismos que siempre quedan olvidados.

He empezado a mejorar mis protocolos para que sean usados para derrumbar la infraestructura de LumériCo y Los Muertos también están intentando levantarse en contra de la corrupción. Mientras tanto, escarben por el sitio de LumériCo y busquen información que podamos usar en contra del cabrón, mejor aún, encuentren su nombre de usuario y contraseña para asegurarnos de que ciertos detalles no muy favorables sobre el presidentito…aparezcan…

Pude encontrar el nombre de usuario y contraseña de un empleado de soporte de LumériCo, empiecen por ahí:




I’m congratulating you for getting in here. I only wanted to know if you were ready or not. (Hey, it’s really difficult to get good help lately… you should see some of the clowns I’m working with). For now, let’s continue with the true challenge: taking down Lumerico Corp president Guillermo Portero. Why? Because he’s a greedy and corrupt man, and an abominable thief. His plan of bringing in line the most powerful and biggest zigurat the 1st of november is nothing more than a deceit, an elaborate plan by his gang to become even more influential in the people of Mexico and get more money. And who’s gonna pay for that? Common people, the ones that are always forgotten.

I’ve started upgrading my protocols so that they are used to take down the Lumerico Corp infraestructure and Los Muertos are also trying to go against the corruption. Meanwhile, search the Lumerico Corp site for info we can use against the bastard, or better yet, get his username and password so that hundreds “not so favorable” facts about the president start popping up.

I was able to get the username and pass of a Lumerico Corp employee, start here:



Going back to the website, When you click on “INICIAR SESION” (LOGIN) you should enter the following text:

Username: GFlores
Password: g#fNwP5qJ



That gives you access to GFlores’ alleged webmail account inbox where you can further read his internal communication with other LumériCo staff members, in as similar a fashion as Project Blackstone (StarCraft II transmedia).



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