Sombra ARG: Reaches 100%

The Sombra ARG website has reached 100%. A new cryptic message appeared onscreen:

…Establishing connection…
…Sombra Protocol v1.95 initiated…

…Transmission finished – Finishing upload…
…Upload finished. Bastion E-54 unit hacked…

…Terminating connection…



Note: “Bastion E-54 unidad comprometida” translates into Bastion E-54 unit compromised — but the proper translation is “hacked.” (The odd sound that Bastion played next day on Oct 19 meant he got hacked, and the odd sound was actually Morse Code to unlock the next part of the Sombra ARG — read more).

UPDATE #1 (3:16PM EST): The cryptic message about Bastion doesn’t say much. However, the HTML behind the page has a hidden text that says:


It is of your interest to know that the current Live Overwatch build is That looks extremely similar to the build version hinted in the hidden HTML text. The previous PTR build, however, was — which has no similarities. I might dare to speculate that there won’t be a PTR for Sombra. She’s heading straight to Live realms?



UPDATE #2 (3:42PM EST) — The community is very verbal about the failure of the Sombra ARG, and the disappointment. Within 22 minutes, this Reddit thread by stylishg33k reached 222 comments.

Blizzard please do not treat any heroes in the future like you have with Sombra

stylishg33k: Let me start by saying some of the ARG stuff is cool. Like the website or small hints in game. However all this Sombra “hype” has reached a point where I’m completely sick and tired of hearing about her. Sure, I’m excited for a new hero. But at this point Sombra has become more of a meme than an actual character. And nothing they introduce with her will be able to live up to the, frankly frustrating, amount of hype she’s been given. It seems like every time we’re FINALLY going to see a release, it turns out to be yet another teaser.

I guess the short answer is I’m sick of hearing about her. And if this is how every hero is going to be treated from now on, I worry every character will be released to disappointment rather than excitement.

EDIT: Only 20 minutes in and this has already hit number 36 on /r/all. I tweeted this link to the Overwatch twitter, hopefully they’ll take this as notice that this has been a horribly handled hero release and maybe we’ll get hero reveals more like Ana in the future.

The Overwatch General Forums equally has been overwhelmed with likewise forum threads. On another note, the leaked image might have caused some internal delays, and if a new build was scheduled for today, technical issues aren’t uncommon.


NOTE (11:17PM): There was no new patches today. However, searching through the Dorado Map in the Custom Games, I realize I had not noticed a couple of subtle changes:

  • Last time I published a photo from el Dorado was back in August 24th when Sombra hacked the Overwatch forum. The Sombra newspaper now says: “Ola Mundial de Hackeos” — which stands for: “Global Wave of Hacking.” Not sure when it was added to the El Dorado newspaper. The same title appeared in a newspaper at the Lijiang Tower Map on August 24th when the patch that introduced Eichenwald was deployed.

  • The second change is the Sombra Protocol seen in monitors throughout Lumerico in El Dorado map. The message now says: “Sombra Protocol v2.3.” This started appearing in the PTR on September 22.

What I find kinda intriguing is that the (now at 100%) still says Sombra Protocol v1.95.



UPDATE (10-19-16 – 5:30PM EST): The website now displays the full Patch build number in the hidden HTML element: v1.



A new patch was deployed today Wednesday with the same version number shown in the website: v1.



UPDATE: The Sombra ARG officially resumed again after AMomentInCrime’s countdown reached 100%. Now the Sombra ARG has moved on to a new website: Lumerico.MX. Further details here. And trust me, it is a lot of new content to browse through.

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