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windows-10-home-full-versionWindows 10 Home OEM vs Full … This is a question that has plagued even myself. What is the difference between the OEM and Full version of an Operating System? Why do people always goes for OEM?


Windows 10 Home OEM vs Full Version

It is really simple to understand. The OEM is mainly aimed at small, mid, or big computer system builders — whether it is the electronics shop near your neighborhood, your nearest RadioShack store, or Lenovo/DELL/whatnot. Microsoft doesn’t really want you (normal user) to buy and install the OEM.

The reason for this is that the OEM is a license that only allows you to install it on a computer system, and it stays with that computer system until the computer system dies, or until you decide to buy a new hard drive. It is at that point when you install a new hard drive that you realize … uh-oh! I have to buy a new Windows OS? What the [BEEP]!!!

Right now the Windows 10 Home OEM costs around $96 and the Windows 10 Pro OEM costs around $120. Please, please — do NOT buy the OEM version. Huge mistake. Don’t get tempted by the accessible price tag. It is intended for PC builders who sell computers.

As a gamer who wishes to build a Gaming Rig, you have to go with the Full Version. This is the difference of the Full Version vs the OEM. The Full Version allows you to migrate your software license. Let me explain that. You purchase and install the Windows 10 Home (Full Version) today. In 2 years, you decide to buy a new computer system, or a new hard drive for your OS. Just an example. All you have to do is deactivate your Windows 10 Home Full version in your current hard drive. Then you install that same Windows 10 Home Full version (license key) on the new hard drive and activate it. You are good to go.

No need to buy a new OS for that particular new hard drive, you simply migrate it and activate the license there. No hassle, no extra cash.

Yes, the full version is a bit expensier than the OEM version; but you gain flexibility, and that full version license protects you from a sudden dead-hard drive by moving the license to another hard drive, whereas the Windows 10 OEM license dies along with the hard drive.


Windows 10 Home Full Version or Windows 10 Pro Full Version?

The Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (Full Version) offers BitLocker which allows you to encrypt individual files and store them alongside unecrypted ones, Remote Access Services, Group Policy Management, Virtual Machines support (if you need dual boot with Mac), and other features.



Exactly how do you benefit from Windows 10 Pro (Full version) as a gamer? I would rather not answer that question using my own knowledge which is as good as what a Mac user’s is (err none?). So how about I contact a Microsoft sales specialist instead? Who better to answer that question for us both?

Thank you for choosing Microsoft Store. An Answer Tech (Microsoft sales specialist) will be with you shortly.

Microsoft: Thanks for contacting Microsoft Store chat, my name is [—]! How can I help you today?

Me: The questions I will make now are mostly research for an article I am writing for my website. How can a video gamer benefit from buying Windows 10 Pro (full version) vs Home?

Microsoft: Windows 10 Pro is mainly for business purposes. It has encryption software on it to make sure any information stored on the PC is safe.

Me: So there is no actual benefit for a gamer going the Windows 10 Pro route?

Microsoft: Let me look further into this for you and see if I can get some additional information together.

Me: I’m not familiar with using Remote Desktop in Windows 10 Pro, but I assume a gamer can have their PC turned on — maybe access his video games through remote desktop with their mobile tablet to play his games through the tablet while in another State?

Microsoft: Yes, that is correct.

Me: Does the Windows 10 Pro feature, Virtual Machine, be of any help to a gamer?

Windows: Virtual machines would be like Dual-booting a Mac. I would say that’s the feature gamers can benefit from most out of Windows 10 Pro. Other than that, it’s really all Business stuff.


So there you have the answer. As a gamer, I recommend you to get the Microsoft Windows 10 Home (USB Flash Drive) Full version. Say NO to OEM.

If you want to play the video games installed in your PC on your mobile tablet when you are traveling maybe you can benefit with the Remote Desktop feature; or if you want to play games accessible only to Linux or Mac, maybe the Virtual Machines feature in the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro could be down your alley.


Build it Yourself:IntroCPU MotherboardComputer CaseMemory
Windows 10

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