Overwatch PTR: Numbani Airport Wrecked & Doomfist Missing

Blizzard Entertainment deployed a new version of the Numbani map matching the latest lore snippet posted today in the Overwatch Twitter, and in line with the recent Efi Oladele interview.


According to the interview, Efi became the most recent recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant,” in recognition of her many accomplishments. Thus, her parents planned to travel with Efi to celebrate her recognition.

The Atlas News report states there was a Numbani Airport incident where OR15 defense units were destroyed by an unidentified assailant. However, this new Overwatch PTR build shows a wrecked Numbani Airport, a missing Doomfist gauntlet, and a massive crater on the wall at the Numbani Airport.

The payload used to have the Doomfist gauntlet inside a crystal container, as seen in the images below. The images at the top show the Doomfist (live server) and the images beneath (PTR) show the shattered crystal container without the now-missing Doomfist gauntlet:


The Doomfist exhibition at the Numbani Heritage Museum is the reason we escort the Doomfist payload, to return it back to the museum. However, with the Doomfist gauntlet missing, the Overwatch PTR also shows there is no longer an exhibition.


The shocking changes at the Adawe International Terminal (Numbani Airport) show a wrecked lobby with a massive crater on the wall. The force of the impact shattered the adjacent walls, and some of the nearby baggage and seats were sent flying with the shockwave. This is a undeniable evidence that the unidentified assailant punched a OR15 robot unit against the wall using the stolen Doomfist.


Like the Dorado map, Blizzard is using Numbani to introduce the story of two heroes. Soldier: 76 was introduced with Atlas News reports as an unidentified assailant, and in the Dorado map itself you could see classified files of Soldier: 76 and Sombra.

The new Numbani map changes are suggesting two heroes: Doomfist and the drone AI created by Efi. It seems that the attack at the airport exactly when Efi and her parents were awaiting a flight to depart to their travel, will be of impact in her life as to decide to make a drone able to contend with threats to her nation. These OR15 robot units were easily destroyed by the new Doomfist wielder, thus she must build a drone able to withstand the brute force of the Doomfist or similar enemies.

In my recent article about the 24th Hero, I showed images of the most-likely tank hero built by Efi based on images shown in the original Overwatch trailer, and an image shown at DICE 2017 a couple days ago.

The Doomfist hero is most likely a cybernetic humanoid like Genji. You can see in the poster below that the name of the new Doomfist wielder is in omnic language.






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