Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma Teaser Video

A few hours ago, Blizzard Entertainment released a short video by Jeff Kaplan where his intro is abruptly interrupted when some sort of whitehole rift sucked him. Then physics and calculus equations start to pop out with a creepy music tones.

This is a teaser for Hero 31, and that means details of the hero will come within the next few days ramping up with “possibly” more teasers until it hits the PTR — as it has happened in the past.

Some of the equations that showed up in the video teaser:

The formula v2 = GM/r is a gravitational equation. From wikipedia: In astronomy, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion are three scientific laws describing the motion of planets around the Sun.

1. The orbit of a planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one of the two foci.
2. A line segment joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time.
3. The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit.

I found a website that talks about Kepler’s Third Law. I think this might be a hint about the Moon. If true, Sigma might have some connection with Horizon and the Lunar Colony Base?


v means orbital speed
G means gravitational constant
M means mass of the Earth
r means radius of the orbit

I am no calculus, physics, astronomy guru by any means — but I think the equation is meant to solve escaping a planet’s gravity as mentioned here.

Another equation shown in the Hero 31 teaser can be found in a book titled Dark Matter, Neutrinos, And Our Solar System.

QUOTE: “In a spiral galaxy the dominant motion of the observed stellar and gaseous component is rotational. The rotation curve formed by the value V of the rotational velocity versus the distance along the major axis, provides the means for calculating the mass distribution. For, if the mass distribution is spherical, then equating the centripedal acceleration with the gravitational force per unit mass M one obtains the equation:


… where V is the rotational velocity at radial distance R, and G is the gravitational constant. (Note that the above equation for galaxies is based on an elementary equation derived as follows: If a unit test mass moves with velocity V in a circular orbit of radius R about a central mass M, then the Newtonian acceleration V2/R and the Newtonian gravitational force GM/R2 are related by the equation M=V2R/G “

So this equation and the fact that Jeff Kaplan was pulled into a singularity might suggest that Hero 31 has some kind of ability that distorts time and space — which in gameplay terms means “slowing down movement” at the least, or actually pulling you into a singularity at worst case scenario. That one would be harsh scenario as that means the character dies. Other equations might suggest being catapulted into the air like a rocket. Hard to say.

The R1jk equation caught my attention. This is known as the Christoffel symbol which I found in the book Differential Geometry of Manifolds and in Multiple Time Scale Dynamics.

Searching for more info on the Christoffel symbol led me down the rabbit hole until I found the term Null Geodesics and Geodesics.. and there I found similar equations to what the Hero 31 teaser displayed:

Some of the text I read on the topic:

“In general relativity, a geodesic generalizes the notion of a “straight line” to curved spacetime. Importantly, the world line of a particle free from all external, non-gravitational force is a particular type of geodesic. In other words, a freely moving or falling particle always moves along a geodesic. In general relativity, gravity can be regarded as not a force but a consequence of a curved spacetime geometry where the source of curvature is the stress–energy tensor (representing matter, for instance). Thus, for example, the path of a planet orbiting a star is the projection of a geodesic of the curved 4-D spacetime geometry around the star onto 3-D space.”

“The Christoffel symbols are functions of the four space-time coordinates, and so are independent of the velocity or acceleration or other characteristics of a test particle whose motion is described by the geodesic equation.”

This equation kinda confuses me, but considering that Jeff Kaplan had a Lucio T-shirt, it makes me wonder if Hero 31 has some form of speed acceleration for team members like Lucio, and/or a slow speed ability used against enemies; or even some kind of space-time ability that can be construed in gameplay terms as teleportation. Three heroes already use teleportation: Symmetra, Reaper, and Sombra. In a weird sort of sense, maybe Doomfist’s Ultimate, as well.

Another equation in the Hero 31 teaser video shows a Feynman Diagram.

In theoretical physics, Feynman diagrams are pictorial representations of the mathematical expressions describing the behavior of subatomic particles. The scheme is named after its inventor, American physicist Richard Feynman, and was first introduced in 1948. The interaction of sub-atomic particles can be complex and difficult to understand intuitively. Feynman diagrams give a simple visualization of what would otherwise be an arcane and abstract formula. As David Kaiser writes, “since the middle of the 20th century, theoretical physicists have increasingly turned to this tool to help them undertake critical calculations”, and so “Feynman diagrams have revolutionized nearly every aspect of theoretical physics”.[1] While the diagrams are applied primarily to quantum field theory, they can also be used in other fields, such as solid-state theory.

Feynman used Ernst Stueckelberg’s interpretation of the positron as if it were an electron moving backward in time.[2] Thus, antiparticles are represented as moving backward along the time axis in Feynman diagrams.

But the main possible Sigma ability described summing up elements seen in these equations might likely have to do with this PTR patch notes change:

Slowing Effects: Instead of stacking together, friendly and enemy slowing effects are now separate and movement speed will be reduced by whichever is slower.

Developer Comment: Ultimates are coming up too often considering how high impact they are. We are reducing how quickly they are built so less fights will be determined by ultimate usage. The slows change will mostly impact heroes which can slow themselves, such as Widowmaker while scoping, or Reinhardt while holding his shield. In these cases, enemy slows such as Symmetra turrets or Mei’s freeze will not hinder these heroes unless they stop slowing themselves or the enemy slow value passes their own slow value.”

Something that I found intriguing in my search for what these equations mean is that sometimes I managed to come across the greek “S” letter equivalent that looks like an E. Which means: Sigma. This symbol is used in some of the equations seen in the wikipedia entry for “Feynman Diagram.”


What do we know about Sigma? Not much at the moment except for the recent leak that shows his human form, and potentially a symbol we have seen before on the hoodie of a presumed Omnic leader. See that symbol on the hoodie? Looks like a counter-clockwise Σ symbol (aka: Sigma). The jaw and forehead shape of the omnic, and that of the allegued Sigma character kinda match. Are we looking here at a human/omnic hybrid? A man who implanted omnic components upon his body?


Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma TEASER #2

The latest teaser posted on Sunday, July 21 shows what looks like a prison jacket. I mean, if it is an orange jacket, it gotta be prison, right? The tag on his left chest says “Subject” — followed by the greek “Sigma” symbol used in Physics formulas. A melody plays for a couple of seconds before an alarm fires off in the background.

What I can interpret is that Sigma is a prisoner, and he has been experimented upon — giving him abilities. The alarm may be interpreted as Sigma escaping the prison, or being rescued (like Doomfist was) from prison.

The teaser has a message at the bottom of the tweet video: “What is that Melody?”

I recognized the melody immediately, because I recently saved it in my YouTube playlist after listening to the song in a Netflix film titled “MARS Season 1·Episode: Darkest Days.” The melody is Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.1.

Not sure why Blizzard wants us to know what the melody is, or what is the relevance to Sigma. The melody was created by a french composer and pianist. Will there be some kind of Sigma clue in the Paris map? Is Sigma from France, and not greek (as some speculate)? Does Blizzard wants players to play Gnossienne No. 1 (as Lucio) in the Paris Map’s piano? If so, will it trigger a hidden easter egg or clue? Who knows.

Alfred Eric Leslie Satie (Honfleur, 17 May 1866 -- Paris, 1 July 1925) was a French composer and pianist. Starting with his first composition in 1884, he signed his name as Erik Satie.

Satie was introduced as a "gymnopedist" in 1887, shortly before writing his most famous compositions, the Gymnopédies. Later, he also referred to himself as a "phonometrograph" or "phonometrician" (meaning "someone who measures (and writes down) sounds") preferring this designation to that of "musician," after having been called "a clumsy but subtle technician" in a book on contemporary French composers published in 1911.

In addition to his body of music, Satie also left a remarkable set of writings, having contributed work for a range of publications, from the dadaist 391 to the American Vanity Fair. Although in later life he prided himself on always publishing his work under his own name, in the late nineteenth century he appears to have used pseudonyms such as Virginie Lebeau and François de Paule in some of his published writings.

Satie was a colourful figure in the early 20th century Parisian avant-garde. He was a precursor to later artistic movements such as minimalism, repetitive music and the Theatre of the Absurd.

"Gnossienne" is the name given to several piano pieces by French composer Erik Satie in the late 19th century.

Satie's coining of the word "gnossienne" was one of the rare occasions when a composer used a new term to indicate a new "type" of composition. Satie had and would use many novel names for his compositions; for example, "ogive" had been the name of an architectural element until Satie used it as the name for a composition, the Ogives Similarly with "vexations", "croquis et agaceries" and so on—but "gnossienne" was a word that did not exist before Satie used it to indicate a composition. "Gnossienne" appears to be derived from the word gnosis; Satie was involved in gnostic sects and movements at the time that he began to compose the Gnossiennes. However, some published versions claim that the word derives from Cretan "knossos" or "gnossus" and link the Gnossiennes to Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur myth.

The Gnossiennes were composed by Satie in the decade following the composition of the Trois Sarabandes (1887) and the Trois Gymnopédies (1888). Like these Sarabandes and Gymnopédies, the Gnossiennes are often considered dances. It is not certain that this qualification comes from Satie himself—the sarabande and the Gymnopaedia were at least historically known as dances.

The musical vocabulary of the Gnossiennes is a continuation of that of the Gymnopédies (a development that had started with the 1886 Ogives → Sarabandes → Gymnopédies → Gnossiennes) later leading to more harmonic experimentation in compositions like the Danses Gothiques. These series of compositions are all at the core of Satie's characteristic 19th century style, and in this sense differ from his early salon compositions (like the 1885 "Waltz" compositions published in 1887), his turn-of-the-century cabaret compositions (like the Je te Veux Waltz), and his post-Schola Cantorum piano solo compositions, starting with the Préludes flasques in 1912. [from Wikipedia]


Because of the nature of the astronomy formulas in the first video teaser, I headed to the Horizon Lunar Colony map for clues. None of the apes or the humans have names that could give a Sigma vibe. The astronaut suits hidden in the first point’s room are orange, but they don’t look like the second video teaser’s orange suit. Nothing on the computer screens gave me any hint of clues … until I saw this one…

The formulas in the first teaser hinted at gravitational forces. There was a gravitational anomaly in the Horizon Lunar Colony’s Building E, and a warning alert was triggered. What does the second video teaser shows? You hear a warning alarm sound across the complex, along with a wobbling sound that resembles a gravitational anomaly sound?

If this happened in the Horizon Lunar Colony, how can Sigma’s presence be explained as a subject when none of the screens make reference to him as a subject?

Maybe it is just coincidence, and Sigma has nothing to do with the Horizon Lunar Colony. There’s that. The alarm is different to what is heard in the Horizon Lunar Colony as welll. So chances are both alert events are unrelated.

Another screen in the Hydroponics Lab says there was a critical emergency malfunction at airlock E-35, which is presummed to be at Building E, where the gravitational wavelength alert happened. Building E is the telescope room.

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