Overwatch Halloween Brawl Guide

This is an Overwatch Halloween Brawl Guide to help you beat the event in normal and medium difficulty. For the record, this Seasonal Event went straight into Live servers without coming to the PTR. First, click “Play” and choose the Junkenstein’s Revenge Brawl. This event will be available through October 11 – Nov 1.


Overwatch Halloween Brawl Guide


Overwatch Halloween Brawl Guide

As Soldier: 76, save your Helix Rockets for RIP-Tire. Stand across the bridge to kill quickly the Zomnics coming from the center door, then attack those coming from the left and right lanes. Holding the center will help your team focus on the sides. As soon as Junkenstein spawns, use your Ultimate on him by standing across the bridge so that he is straight above you. Keep moving side by side as he will aim his grenades at you. When Mercy shows up, ignore her. Focus fire on Junkenstein until he dies. Then move on to kill Reaper (if he is still alive). Then focus fire on Mercy. She mostly heals Roadhog. Roadhog dies last.

As McCree, stand mid-bridge and use Peacekeeper to kill the Zombardier that cast frostbolts (these guys do heavy damage to your teammates from long range). Use Flashbang against bosses like Mercy, Roadhog and Reaper. When Mercy resurrects the enemy bosses, the priority kill is: Junkenstein, Reaper, Mercy, then Roadhog. Important: Do not use Ultimate until the bosses appear. Once the bosses spawn cast Deadeye Ultimate to kill as many Zomnics as possible so that your team can focus on the boss.

As Ana — You may climb the stairs to your left and stay at the top balcony to stay out of harm’s way. Snipe the Zomnics coming from the top-left and from the right. Quickly help dispatch the Zombardier when they spawn. Kill Junkenstein, then Reaper, then Mercy, and Roadhog last. Maintain your team healed. Special eye on Hanzo and McCree. Soldier: 76 can heal himself most of the time.

As Hanzo, the best spot is all the way back at the balcony where the top-left Zomnics spawn. From there, Hanzo is able to maximize the full length-range of his Dragonstrike Ultimate. Players mistakenly fight at the Castle door. That is not optimal because the full length of Dragonstrike isn’t affecting the Boss. Focus fire on any Zombardier that spawns. From the balcony, Hanzo is just 15 yards away from Junkenstein. Stand all the way back of the balcony (by the balcony door) and unleash Dragonstrike on Junkenstein’s face. Dispatch him quick after, with your arrows. When Mercy spawns, focus fire on Junkenstein and use Dragonstrike on him. Then move to Reaper (if he is still alive). Mercy next, and Roadhog last.














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