Overwatch Digital Comic: Masquerade

The recent Overwatch digital comic “Masquerade” focuses on Doomfist, but with support Talon characters.

The story begins with Doomfist destroying a wall with his bare hand, escaping the prison. This on itself is a bit controversial, because we know Doomfist uses a mechanical fist weapon, but in this case he is using his barehand. Does he have some kind of mutant power? Meta-human? Or is his right hand a prosthesis? Otherwise, that scene didn’t make sense.

Reaper lands a ship to pick Doomfist up. He immediately asks for a status report on the Russian mission.

As you might remember, this was the Sombra cinematic “Infiltration.” It is revealed that the order to assassinate Katya Volskaya came from a new character named Vialli.


Doomfist criticizes the decision, and in contrast thinks Katya is needed alive for Talon’s plans to keep the fight going.

Doomfist believes in a world of conflict as the means to make humanity stronger, through survival of the fittest.

Reaper also reveals he witnessed Sombra’s hidden agenda with Katya. That Sombra botched the assassination on purpose, and blackmailed Katya.

Doomfist is ok with Talon members having ambition. He knows Widowmaker killed Mondatta in London (as seen in the cinematic: “Alive“). This means Widowmaker worked alone and behind Talon’s back.

Another awkward moment happened afterwards when Doomfist says: “who would have thought Overwatch would get involved?” in the London Uprising. As if Doomfist is unaware that Reaper was formerly an Overwatch/Blackwatch leader.

Is Reaper lying to Doomfist about his origins as Gabriel Reyes? If you read the Uprising digital comic, you know pretty well within the first two pages that Gabriel sent Blackwatch undercover into London knowing that Overwatch was banned from operating in Britain and that Blackwatch agents were suspended. So Overwatch agents intervening during Uprising was pretty much Gabriel’s underground orders.

Another revelation is that Reaper did actually retrieved part of the Overwatch database during the cinematic “Recall” with a partial list of Overwatch’s sleeper agents. Reaper said he already killed some of them.

Another new character is mentioned. Maximilien is a french omnic that apparently has given loans and information to Doomfist before. He meets Doomfist and Widowmaker at a casino in Monaco. Maximilien is another casino player, not an owner.

There is a Talon leadership shake up going on between Doomfist and Vialli. The latter sends goons to kill Doomfist at the Casino.

Talon travels to Venice, infiltrating a masquerade party, to take care of their former co-leader Vialli.

From Doomfist and Vialli’s dialogue exchange, Vialli is into Talon for profits. Doomfist isn’t in this for profits, so he throws Vialli off the bridge to his apparent demise.

It seems Venice is the center of operations for Talon as a round table came into view with them still wearing their masquerade outfits, closing with: “We have a war to start.”

There were seven dark figures sitting in the round table when Doomfist and Reaper entered the room. One of those sitting is Maximilien. Overwall, there are 16 seats on the table, and six of those seats are empty.

One thing this scene tells me is that the Talon is composed of a cabal of various leaders calling the shots. Each serving as an asset, bringing in their expertise and resources to the table. However, not totally loyal as seen with Vialli sending hitmen to take out Doomfist, and Doomfist taking out Vialli in retaliation.

We also see each agent has their own agenda (Widowmaker in London wasn’t a sanctioned kill). Sombra blackmailing Katya, and botching the assassination order. Reaper spying on Sombra. Colorful family of brothers in arms.

On another note, this comic’s end dialogue talks about a war that is about to start. Doomfist just escaped prison. So this is “now” as in present time. Hot off the oven. Meaning the war is coming very soon.

If we ponder that for a second, there are a few possibilities here. I read this comic, and translate it into game content, and what comes up in my mind is New Overwatch events. New Heroes. New Arcade maps, New Quick Play/Competitive Maps thematic around this war aiming to ramp up conflict worldwide — and that means new maps in countries not visited before in Overwatch.

New Skins Coming?

There is another interesting aspect to this comic. If you take a closer look at Widowmaker’s masquerade outfit in the comic cover artwork, she is wearing a more colorful variation of the Odette skin.


If the Odette skin already exists, and its origin was the event of the “Masquerade” comic, that means the other disguises are meant to become skins “soon.” These are the characters who were disguised in Vienna: Reaper, Sombra, Widowmaker, and Doomfist.


New Maps?

The casino is located in Monaco, and the Venice location feels like the center of operations for Talon, or at least one of their headquarters. The prison itself could potentially be an Arcade battleground map.

You can read the digital comic “Masquerade” at Madefire here.

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