New Hero: Baptiste on PTR 1.34

The newest support hero, Baptiste, is now on the PTR. Baptiste is very fun to play, and if friendly players are in trouble, and there is line of sight, you can quickly jump to high ground, or above buildings in Temple of Anubis to shoot a few healing lobes.

Baptiste is similar to Moira in that he can deal damage or healing with his Biotic Launcher. With the mouse’s left-button you shoot bursts of 3 rounds followed by a half-second pause, but with a barrel that holds 45 bullets, he can go on and on 15 times before having to reload the barrel.

The healing lob is an AOE healing projectile that can be shot at friendly players by pressing the mouse’s right-button. These lobs can be fired fast, up to 10 times before having to reload.

Regenerative Boost: This ability heals Baptiste and nearby players. Similar to a over-time druid Wild Growth.

Immortality Field: This ability tosses a device that creates a projection field in a wide range circle. Any friendly players within will take damage, but they won’t die for the duration of the ability, or until enemies destroy the device. Don’t be mistaken. It is not a shield that absorbs damage. It only prevents death long enough until players within are healed by Baptiste and/or by the second healer. Technically, thrown during a pharah barrage should keep the party alive.

Exo Boots: For a healer, this ability is awesome. Hold down the crouch button and this will draw onscreen a gauge meter (similar to Doomfist’s). When the Exo Boots meter reaches the max, jump. This will make Baptiste reach high ground.

Now, how high can Baptiste jump? How about this? That window on the screenshot’s top-left in King’s Row and one of Widowmaker’s favorite perches.

In Temple of Anubis, Baptiste can also jump in these spots:

Baptiste can’t jump all the way to the top of this bridge from the ground, but if you step on the blocks, he can reach the top.

Alright. Baptiste has passed the high jump test. How about how far can he jump horizontally? That’s tricky. Make sure the wood fence is broken. Stand on the very corner/edge, and then you can long-jump forward through this Hanamura gap.

Here is a video showing how far Baptiste can jump.

Amplification Matrix: This is a super insane ultimate. Think Ana’s Nanoboost, but applied to all party members who shoot through the projected matrix. Baptiste’s Ultimate projects a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of allied projectiles.


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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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