Nepal is a Control map where two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time. The first team to win two rounds wins the match.

“Years ago, a group of omnic robots experienced what they described as a spiritual awakening. They abandoned their preprogrammed lives to establish a monastery high in the Himalayas, where like-minded omnics could gather to meditate on the nature of their existence. Led by their spiritual leader, Tekhartha Mondatta, they took over the ruins of an ancient monastery and turned it into the home of the Shambali, a place where omnics and humans alike make pilgrimages in the hopes of finding a greater truth.” — Source: Overwatch Visual Source Book (Overwatch Collector’s Edition).

Nepal is composed of three maps, going from bottom (village), middle (shrine), and top (sanctum).

  • Nepal: Village
  • Nepal: Shrine
  • Nepal: Sanctum



Nepali: Translations

The village has three Nepali signs to name the buildings: the Stable, the General Goods shop, and the Restaurant.


The Shrine has a few Nepali signs: one is a restaurant, and the other is Ravenwood’s Kitchen — a nod to Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Abner Ravenwood opened the Raven Tavern (Saloon) in Nepal, and his daughter Marion was its manager.

“It’s a crummy dive in a Nepalese village nobody would otherwise visit, but the locals enjoy the warmth of the fire and the climbers who hike through here like the company and the booze.”– Marion Ravenwood



Nepal: Village

While either of the three maps loads randomly, the natural path of arrival to the Nepal locations should be the Nepal: Village. This village seems to be where the human pilgrims live due to the many kitchens, drums and Nepali Signs found throughout the map.

The second floor of the building next to the capture point is actually Genji’s former room. You can see a photo of Hanzo and Genji, and a paint featuring the dragon and the two brothers (as seen in the “Dragons” Animated Short).



Nepal: Shrine

The Nepal: Shrine map has Nepali and Shambali banners and signs, showing human and omnic unity. Both find peace and meditation in the shrine and the library.


Nepal: Sanctum

The Sanctum is in the Shambali Monastery at the top of the Mountain. Zenyatta was formerly a member of the Shambali Monastery. Among the quotes Zenyatta says to other players in the transport jet when arriving to Nepal are:

  • True self is without form.
  • I can feel the embrace of the Iris so strongly here.
  • It is good to return. But am I still welcome here?
  • I have not returned here for many years. I wonder if my brothers and sisters would be pleased to see me.

Reading up Zenyatta’s bios in the Overwatch Visual Source Book offers more insight into the Shambali Monastery and its omnics.

“Years ago, following the Omnic Crisis, a group of outcast omnic robots experienced what they described as a spiritual awakening. They abandoned their preprogrammed lives to establish a communal monastery deep in the Hymalayas. After many years of meditation on the nature of existence, they came to the belief that they were more than artificial intelligences and that, like humans, they possessed the essence of a soul.

Recognizing the spiritual equality they held with humans, the monks, led by the enigmatic robot known as Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis and bring humans and robots back into societal harmony. Their message was embraced by millions around the world, and they became global celebrities.

But the monk, Zenyatta, disagreed with this new direction. He believed that the way to repair the problems between humans and omnics was not through dogmatic teaching but through interpersonal connection and engagement.

Ultimately, Zenyatta followed his own path. He has chosen to leave the monastery and wander the world, helping those he meets to overcome their personal struggles and find inner peace. But, when necessary, he will fight to protect the innocent, be they omnic or human.”


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