Lijiang Tower

The Lijiang Tower is a Control Map located in China. It is unknown if it is related to the Lijian city located in the Yunnan Province. That real-world Lijian city history goes as far back to the Warring States Period (221 B.C.). The local economy reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty with the construction of the Ancient Tea and Horse Road (formerly Silk Road) which opened trade between the Burman, Sichuan, Shangri-la, Tibet, and Yunnan Provinces, and extended through Iran, the Fertile Crecent and the Mediterranean Sea.

There is currently no hero associated with Lijiang Tower, but there is speculation that one of the founding members of Overwatch, Liao, might join Overwatch at a later time. If so, Lijiang Tower lore might be introduced via Digital Comics and/or Animated Short when Liao or another local hero gets introduced.

“Lijian Tower was built in the heart of a modern Chinese metropolis, its busy streets lined with stores, gardens, restaurants, and famouse night markets, where foods from around the region are available at all hours. The tower itself is home to one of the leading companies in China’s state-of-the-art space industry, Lucheng Interstellar, an organization with a long pioneering history that is currently pushing the boundaries of space exploration.” — source: Overwatch: Visual Source Book in the Collector’s Edition, page 133.

Two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time. The first team to win two rounds wins the match. Lijiang Tower is a control map with three locations:

  • Lijiang Tower: Night Market
  • Lijiang Tower: Garden
  • Lijiang Tower: Control Center

Lijiang Tower



There are two press sources in Lijang Tower: the eTicker in front of the lion statues, and a newspaper (located beneath one of the chairs inside the capture point. The chair can be destroyed to see the hidden newspaper).


Chinese Signs: Translation

Special thanks to freelancer Stellarboy for translating the signs, e-ticker, and the newspaper for Blizzplanet.


1. 據報道:俠盜“士兵76”在墨西哥多拉多現身著名的氣候學家周美靈重返喜馬拉雅。

2. “星際旅程“空間站突發緊急故障”獵空“和溫斯頓再次現身,守望先鋒回來了?古希臘雕像在伊利奧斯重現天日。

1. According to reports Soldier: 76 sighting in Dorado, Mexico. The famous climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou returning to the Himalayas.

2. Breaking News: Interstellar Journey Space Station suffered sudden emergency failure, Tracer and Winston appeared again, is Overwatch back? Ancient Greek statues emerge in Ilios to reproduce the sun.

lijiang-23. 民以食爲天3. Food is the first necessity of the people.
lijiang-34. 夜市
5. 燒烤、小吃、冷飲
6. 特色美食
7. 餐廳
8. 餐廳
9. 魷魚、餃子、麵條、豬肉
10. 灕江
11. 觀光、旅游、飲食、文化
12. 小張燒烤
13. 烤魷魚
14. 烤串
15. 烤鷄翅
16. 掃掃就送燒烤券
17. 檯球
18, 魚市場
4. Night Market
5. BBQ, Snacks, Cold Drinks
6. Special Cuisine
7. Restaurant
8. Restaurant
9. Squid, Dumplings, Noodles, Pork
10. Lijiang
11. Sightseeings, Tours, Food, Culture
12. Little Zhang’s BBQ
13. Grilled Squid
14. BBQ on Sticks (Kebab)
15. Grilled Chicken Wings
16. Swipe to receive BBQ Tickets/Gift Checks
17. Billiards/Pool
18. Fish Market
lijiang-419. 洋葱小魷
20. 奶茶連鎖
21. 市場
22. 海魚、淡水魚
23. 餐廳
24. 豬肉米飯
19. Onion Squid
20. Milk Tea Store Chain
21. Market
22. Ocean Fish, Freshwater Fish
23. Restaurant
24. Pork Rice
lijiang-525. 餐廳
26. 檯球
27. 卡拉OK
28. 珍珠奶茶
29. (Right-Left) 芒果、木瓜、香草、藍莓、原味
30. 特色美食
25. Restaurant
26. Billiards/Pool
27. OK Karaoke
28. Pearl Milk Tea (aka Tapioca Balls)
29. (Right-Left) Mango, Melon, Vanilla, Blueberry, Natural Flavors
30. Special Cuisine
lijiang-631. 夜市31. Night Market
lijiang-732. 重要新聞important news
33. 旅程空間站遭遇緊急故障
34. 出租/中國智械房地產交易領頭羊
35. 豬麻麻火鍋!
32. Important News
33. Space Station suffers emergency shutdown
34. (something about real estate)
35. Pork Mama Hotpot!
lijiang-836. 觀光、旅游、飲食、文化
37. 珍珠奶茶
38. (Right-Left) 芒果,木瓜,香草,藍莓,原味
39. 餐廳食品
40. 灕江
36. Sightseeings, Tours, Food, Culture
37. Pearl Milk Tea (Tapioca Balls)
38. Mango, Melon, Vanilla, Blueberry, Natural Flavors
39. Restaurant Food
40. Lijiang
lijiang-941. 燒烤攤
42. 特色美食
43. 湯包 , 餃子 , 牛肉餅
44. 民以食爲天
41. BBQ Stand
42. Special Cuisine
43. Steamed Dumplings, Fried Dumplings, Beef Loaf
44. Food is the first necessity of the people.
lijiang-1045, 特色美食
46. 燒烤攤 , 小吃
45, Special Cuisine
46. BBQ Stand, Snacks
lijiang-1147. 夜市
48. 燒烤
49. 小吃
50. 冷飲
47. Night Market
48. BBQ
49. Snacks
50. Cold Drinks
lijiang-1251. 哈皮烤魷魚
52. 湯包 , 餃子 , 麵 , 牛肉餅
51. Hapi Roasted Squid
52. Soup, Dumplings, Noodles, Meat Loaf (or Beef Patty)
lijiang-1354. 麵條 , 民以食爲天 , 特色美食54. Noodles, Food to the People, Specialty Cuisine
lijiang-1455. 星際旅程 , 新的旅程
56. 美靈
55. Space Travel: New Kind of Travel
56. Mei-Ling Zhou (Mei)


Lijiang Tower: Night Market


Lijiang Tower: Garden

The garden is basically the entry point into the Lucheng Interstellar lobby. Besides a garden, it sports a massive aquarium (with whales and fish) beneath the capture point.


Lijiang Tower: Control Center

The control center is the base of operations for the Lucheng Interstellar. This is the company that built the Horizon Lunar Base and the Interstellar Journey Space Station. One of the rooms was the office of Dr. Harold Winston. You may find a picture of Dr. Harold and baby Winston on his desk.

The Control Center also serves as a museum. Both sides have Space Suits, a Lunar Rover, and a Soyuz Capsule. The capture point is actually displaying a holographic energy matrix of the Interstellar Journey Space Station. According to the eTicker in the Night Market, the Interstellar Journey Space Station has an emergency shutdown. It’s unknown what’s causing it, and it is likely it might become an Overwatch Map.


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