King’s Row

King’s Row is located in London (England). It is an Assault / Escort (hybrid) map. Attackers first capture a payload, then escort it to its destination. Defenders attempt to hold them back.

“King’s Row is an upscale, cosmopolitan neighborhood of London, but just beneath its peaceful surface, tensions between omnics and humans are running high. While much of modern England was built on the backs of omnic laborers, they have been denied the basic rights that humans have, with most omnics forced to live in the dense, claustrophobic city-beneath-the-city known by some as “the Underworld.” Of greater concern is that recent demonstrations by pro-omnic-rights protestors have resulted in violent clashes with the police, and a solution is nowhere in sight. Many of London’s new buildings were constructed by the omnic labor.” — Overwatch Visual Source Book (Overwatch: Collector’s Edition)

King's Row


Based on this piece of lore, the main goal of the attack team in King’s Row map is to escort an EMP nuke to the Omnic city: Underworld. When the attack team reaches the final point, you see a blue flash go outwards engufling the whole structure. That’s the EMP explosion disabling the city. When you look down (where you usually fall), you can see the Underworld city beneath the point.



The payload is actually an EMP nuke as seen in a small digital LCD on the payload: “EMP Charge: Stand by. Preparing detonation sequence.”


Animated Short: Alive

King’s Row is featured in the “Alive” Animated Short. Shambali Monastery leader Tekhartha Mondatta visited King’s Row to inspire human and omnic unity during a public conference. In front of the Meridian Hotel, pro-activists held signs:

“We’re All one in the Iris.”
“Peace. Unity.”



Tekhartha Mondatta opened his dialogue with: “Human. Machine. We are all one within the Iris. Before me, I see the future. Humans and Omnics standing together. United by compassion, our common hopes, and dreams.”






On September 15, 2015 — Blizzard Entertainment tweeted a Wanted poster from A Moment in Crime news mentioning the appearance of Junkrat and Roadhog in King’s Row during their crime spree across the world:

“Tonight, on A Moment in Crime, their spree of mayhem and chaos has cost untold millions in property damage around the world, but who are these two deranged Junkers, and what inspired their orgy of destruction? Is this the work of master criminals, or just a couple of idiots? It is Junkrat who masterminded the string of attacks that stretch from the Australian outback to King’s Row and beyond. Now this explosive-obsessed freak has his sight set on even greater acts of destruction. His co-conspirator, Roadhog, is a remorseless killer who hides his face behind a mask. This giant of a man is more than happy to use violence to resolve any situation. Together they have burned, bombed, robbed, and killed their way across the world, and their calamitous crime spree show no sign of slowing down. Following their personal creed of no job too big, no score too small, it seems as though there is no end in sight to their senseless rampage unless we get your help. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these extremely dangerous criminals, you need to contact us right away. Remember… crime doesn’t pay, but we do.”


Trivia & Easter Eggs

There is a photo of Tekhartha Mondatta, candles, and a prayer scroll in memory of his assassination at the entrance of the Meridian Hotel.


When you knock a cashier register in The Meridian Hotel, the bottom has an engraved plaque with the words: “Fine Product. Glaland & Co. Made in Belgium.” This is a reference to Renaud Galand (Overwatch Lead Character Artist) who formerly worked at … 10Tacle Studio Belgium.



Voicelines: In-Game Quotes

When the King’s Row map loads, Widowmaker says a quote remembering the day she assassinated Tekhartha Mondatta in King’s Row — as seen in the “Alive” Overwatch Animated Short.

Widowmaker: Ahh, the sight of one of my finest kills. That day, I felt alive.

Tracer: Back on my own stomping ground.

Zenyatta: If only Humans and Omnic could learn to live in peace here.


Attack Base


Defense Base



Alderworth Hotel
Bell (Fish & Chips)
Cathedral (Defense Team)
Eberle and Sons
Gordon’s Positronics
Hoof & Haunch
Moriarty’s Fine Books Bookshop
Subway (Attack Team)
The Ascalon Club
The Fox and Bear
The Meridian
The Underworld


King’s Row: Signs, Posters, Graffiti, Newspapers


The Underworld

The Underworld objective point that players see is merely the top side of the vast Underworld city (home of the London Omnics).



King’s Row


EichenwaldHanamuraIliosKing's RowLijiang TowerNepalTemple of Anubis
Volskaya Industries


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