Hero 31 Sigma Origin Story Revealed

Sigma has become the most interesting and creepy hero in the Overwatch universe with that Origin Story. Sigma is a physics scientist experimenting with a lab-created blackhole. With this experiment he aims to harness the power of a blackhole to benefit humankind.

However, things go wrong with the experiment. The origin story video is difficult to understand and shows an insane Sigma. There is a way to understand this.



Gravity. Gravity is a harness. My entire career has been devoted to this idea… to this moment. Decades!

If the unifying theories are correct, we will soon be able to harness the power of a black hole!

Nothing will ever be the same.

Sigma is in a lab, writing formulas of relativity, and gravity. Suddenly, we see wobbling as if the singularity accident happened right then and there. This is a misconception. It didn't happen then. He was just writting formulas on the transparent chalkboard. What we witnessed here is Sigma remembering that [moment]. But not just remembering it. He was living that [moment]. That [instant]. The singularity experiment's accident caused Sigma to be in the past, present, and future -- all at once. His mind is basically trying to make sense of what's going on. His mind is jumping back and forth through time -- as you will see in the next scenes. At this point in time when he was writting formulas, Sigma was a good scientist trying to help humankind's technological transition.


(Singularity Accident)


This is wrong! The field is failing!

In this [moment] in time, Sigma is reliving the exact moment when the singularity experiment goes awry, and the singularity splits Sigma in two. One detail in particular we can see in the background of the image is that Sigma is somewhere in space: It could be the Horizon Lunar Colony, or it could be the satellite seen in Lijang Tower as a hologram.



What happened?
Where am I?
Why am I being imprisoned?

Release me!

Here Sigma is wearing an orange suit with the tag that says Subject: Σ (Sigma). He is on a stretcher bed, being mobilized across a hallway. From our point of view, we only see the floor as the camera shot is placed above the bed. You can see the stretcher is moving forward, making us see the movement of the floor tiles.

Then we see Sigma's face wobbles -- an effect of the singularity accident, where his mind is switching back and forth through different instances or moments of his life before and after the accident. It kinda feels like the plot of The Buttlefly Effect film in a sense, except it is seen by people around Sigma most likely as Schizophrenia.

The Singularity made him be both free and imprisoned, both sane (pre-accident) and insane (post-accident), both a good person and an evil person, be in the past and the future in the present. He is living all moments in time simultaneously. Singularities have the property to bend time and space.


(Vision of Sigma in his Talon armor)



What is that melody?

Hold it together, hold it together hold it together!

(Lab clothing in prison bed)

Density… mass… momentum… it is too–


(Prison clothing in Lab)

It’s too much to hold onto.


(Singularity experiment)

I will bring you a new understanding of the universe…


(Talon suit at the moment of the accident — past and future blending in his mind)



(Prison bed view: alarm sounds)

The universe is singing to me!


(Prison bed view: No alarm)

(Prison bed view: wall tiles disappear one by one and switch to outerspace)

What is that melody!?



It’s all an illusion.


(Lab view)

Gravity is a harness.

Now we see two [moments] in time in Sigma's mind blending past and future(?). We see Sigma in the lab when he was writting formulas -- except now he holds in his right hand the power of the singularity. Did you notice it is a yellow-white singularity?

The second image shows Sigma wearing his Talon suit. Did you notice the orb on his left hand is a dark blackhole?

This looks a lot like Moira's yellow and purple orbs, except these are actually a singularity (yellow orb on his right hand), and a blackhole (dark orb on his left hand). It will be interesting to see what exactly his abilities are, or the relevance of the color code between both orbs.


(Present? Sigma in Talon suit)

I have harnessed the harness.

Try to hold it together.



In the last shot, we see a lot of debris — which I think is the prison building being torn apart by Sigma’s powers, and then we see the Talon team among Sigma: Moira, Widowmaker, Sombra, Reaper, and Doomfist.

At some point in the images, you see Sigma blending reality in his mind, as his mind switches between each moment of his recent life: he is wearing the lab suit in the prison, and the prison suit in the lab. Then he is holding the singularity (yellow orb) while on the lab, and holding the blackhole (purple orb) at the end. So there are four periods of time shown in the origin story: lab, accident, prison, freedom.

See the image below? Out of the blue, there are 4 pens writting formulas on the transparent chalkboard. All of the 4 moments in time that Sigma is experiencing are writting on the chalkboard. O_o


The question is which is the correct order between prison and Sigma among the Talon team. Did Sigma join Talon and later was imprisoned, or was he imprisoned and Talon rescued him? The latter requires Talon to have invented a suit capable of fixing Sigma’s mind.

Other thing that makes me wonder a lot is whether Sigma has the capability to turn good, considering his mind is everywhere in time. Can the good scientist’s persona manifest on the Talon member persona? Could he switch like Baptiste did? Or was his split persona issue solved by Talon to the point that he will forever be evil? Is he truly evil, or simply his state of mind is so superior that he sees good and evil concepts beneath him?

Whatever the case, Sigma has become the most interesting and controversial hero in Overwatch. I can’t wait to learn more about him. Considering Sigma’s Origin Story was revealed it seems he will be on the PTR on Tuesday, July 23. Let’s wait and see what his abilities and Ultimate are; and if a short story or comics is in the horizon.



I follow over 400 Blizzard Entertainment developers and former developers in social media. Sorting through a bunch of tweets, I have compiled a partial list of developers who were involved in the development of the Sigma Origin Story.

Rene Koiter revealed in his Facebook page that Sigma is Dutch, and who directed the origin story.

The first glimpse of this character and I immediately got some Dr. Manhattan vibes. It was especially fun being part of the strike team to flesh out the culture of this guy. His badass origin story was directed by Jeremiah Johnson. Quite a departure from his lighter Hearthstone work. I made sure to sprinkle some of that Delft Blue in the title screen 😉

In Overwatch, the super man exists… And he’s Dutch.

Andrea Toyias (senior casting and voice director) revealed Sigma’s voice actor: @BorisHiestand, from London.

VO Agency representing Boris Hiestand: Sue Terry Voices and/or McLean-Williams Ltd. (London)

The concept artist for Sigma’s Origin Story: Nesskain

Animation Editor: Michael Bancroft
Writer/Co-Writer: Andrew Robinson
Cinematic Director: Jeramiah Johnson
Animation Project Producer: Rachel Richmond
Cinematics Producer: Kim Horn
Creative Development Producer: Timothy Loughran
Sound Design (support): Felipe Pereira
Former Animator: Josiah Haworth

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