Hanmura is an Assault map located in Japan. Attackers fight to capture two objectives. Defenders hold them off until time runs out. This colorful land and its cherry blossoms is dwarfed by the tall Fuji mountain in the background.

In real life, there is a restaurant named Hanamura, and a location in the far western side of Japan named Hamura — but 12 hours away from Mount Fuji. Thus, the Overwatch map is mostly a fictional location near Tokyo. In japanese, Hanamura means “Village of Blossom Flowers.”

“Hanamura is a well-preserved village of unassuming shops and quiet streets, known mostly for its idyllic cherry blossom festival every spring. But to those who know its history, Hanamura is the ancestral home of the Shimada ninja clan, which had grown over the centuries to become a powerful criminal organization. As its neighboring cities expanded, Hanamura was encircled, and eventually it was incorporated as a district within a larger city. For now, the imposing compound of the Shimada family lies empty, but that peace may soon be broken.” — Overwatch Visual Source Book (Overwatch: Collector’s Edition)



Animated Short: Dragons

Hanzo: My family told of an ancient legend about two great dragons. The dragon of the north wind, and the dragon of the south wind. Together they upheld balance, and harmony in the heavens.


Hanzo: But the two brothers argued about who could better rule their land. Their quarrel turned to rage, and their violent struggle darkened the skies until the dragon of the south wind struck down his brother and fell to earth shattering the land.


NOTE: Hanzo infiltrates Hanamura jumping down into the street by Rikimaru Restaurant, then climbing the wall into Point A. With his bow, he shoots an arrow at an omnic guard, then smacks the second guard with his bow, turns around and shoots the phone off the third’s hands — causing him to break his balance and to knock his head against the bong bell.


Hanzo: The Dragon of the south wind had triumphed, but his time has passed and he realized his solitude. The sweetness of victory turned to ash. For years the bereft Dragon’s grief threw the world into discord, and he knew only bitterness and sorrow. One day a stranger called up to the dragon and asked: “Oh, dragon Lord, why are you so distraught?” The dragon told him “Seeking power I killed my brother, but without him, I am lost.”


Hanzo: The stranger replied: “You have inflicted wounds upon yourself, but now you must heal. Walk the earth on two feet as I do. Find value in humility, then you will find peace.”


Hanzo: You are not the first assassin sent to kill me and you will not be the last.

Genji: You are bold to come to Shimada castle, the den of your enemies.

Hanzo: This was once my home. Did your masters not tell you who I was?!

Genji: I know who you are, Hanzo.


Genji: I know you come here every year on the same day. You risk so much to honor someone you murdered!

Hanzo: You know nothing of what happened!


Genji: I know you tell yourself that your brother disobeyed the clan and that you have to kill him to maintain order. That it was your duty.


Hanzo: It was my duty and my burden. That does not mean I do not honor him!


(Epic battle between Hanzo and Genji at the Shimada Castle.)


Genji: You think you honor your brother, Genji, with incense offerings? Honor resides in one’s actions.

Hanzo: You dare to lecture me about honor? You are not worthy to say his name!


Hanzo: Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau! (Dragon, feast on my enemies!)

Genji: Ryūjin no ken wo kurae! (Eat the judgment of the dragon!)


Hanzo: Only a Shimada can control the dragons. Who are you?

(Genji darts forward with Swift Strike and stops his blade at Hanzo’s throat)

Hanzo: Do it, then. Kill me.


Genji: No. I will not grant you the death you wish for. You still have a purpose in this life, brother.

Hanzo: No… how…? My brother is dead.


Hanzo: Genji!

Hanzo: The Dragon knelt upon the ground. For the first time he was able to clearly see the world around him and he became human. The stranger revealed himself as his fallen brother. Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed.

Hanzo: What have you become?

Genji: I have accepted what I am and I have forgiven you. Now you must forgive yourself. The world is changing once again, Hanzo, and it’s time to pick a side.

Hanzo: Real life is not like the stories our father told us. You are a fool for believing it so!


Genji: Perhaps I am a fool to think that there is still hope for you, but I do. Think on that, brother.



Hanzo: Story

Mastering his skills as a bowman and an assassin, Hanzo Shimada strives to prove himself as a warrior without peer.

The Shimada family was established centuries ago, a clan of assassins whose power grew over the years, enabling them to build a vast criminal empire that profited from lucrative trade in arms and illegal substances. As the eldest son of the family’s head, Hanzo was bound by duty to succeed his father and rule the Shimada empire. From a young age, he was trained for that responsibility, displaying a natural aptitude for leadership and possessing an innate understanding of strategy and tactics. He also excelled in more practical areas: he was a prodigy in martial arts, swordplay, and bowmanship.

Upon the death of his father, the clan elders instructed Hanzo to straighten out his wayward younger brother so that he, too, might help rule the Shimada empire. When his brother refused, Hanzo was forced to kill him. This act broke Hanzo’s heart and drove him to reject his father’s legacy, ultimately leading him to abandon the clan and all that he had worked so hard to attain.

Now, Hanzo travels the world, perfecting his skills as a warrior, attempting to restore his honor and put the ghosts of his past to rest.



Genji: Story

The cyborg Genji Shimada has made peace with the augmented body he once rejected, and in doing so, he has discovered a higher humanity.

As the youngest son of the master of the Shimada ninja clan, Genji lived a life of luxury and privilege. He had little interest in the family’s illegal businesses, and although he excelled at and enjoyed his ninja training, he spent most of his time pursuing a playboy lifestyle. Many within the clan considered the carefree Genji to be a dangerous liability, and they resented his father for coddling and protecting him. Following the clan leader’s untimely death, Genji’s older brother, Hanzo, demanded that Genji take a more active role in their late father’s empire. Genji refused, enraging Hanzo. The tension between the brothers built to a violent confrontation that left Genji on the verge of dying.

Hanzo believed that he had killed his brother, but Genji was rescued by Overwatch and the intervention of Dr. Angela Ziegler. The global security force saw Genji as a potential asset in its ongoing operations to combat the Shimada clan. As Genji’s injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help. He was put through an extensive process of cyberization, which enhanced his natural speed and agility and augmented his superlative ninja skills. Transformed into a living weapon, Genji single-mindedly set about the task of dismantling his family’s criminal empire.

But as time passed, Genji felt increasingly at war with himself. He was repulsed by the mechanical parts of his body and could not come to grips with what he had become. When his mission was complete, he abandoned Overwatch and wandered the world in search of meaning. He drifted for many years before crossing paths with the omnic monk Zenyatta. Though Genji initially rejected Zenyatta’s wisdom, the benevolent omnic would not be deterred. In time, Zenyatta became his mentor, and under the monk’s tutelage, Genji reconciled his dual existence as both man and machine. He learned to accept that although he had a cyborg body, his human soul was intact, and he came to see his new form as a gift and a unique strength.

Now, for the first time in his life, Genji is free. Even he cannot say where his path will ultimately lead.



Trivia & Easter Eggs

  • The D.Va poster inside the 16-Bit Hero Arcade Room was there long before Blizzard Entertainment unveiled D.Va as a new Overwatch hero.
  • At one time Hanzo and Genji were one and the same during concept design. The developers liked both skins and concepts they decided to make them brothers.
  • The Rikimaru Restaurant sports a huge Murloc in a Starship — Referece: World of Warcraft
  • The 16-Bit Hero Arcade Room’s external logo is a Funko POP Jim Raynor artwork in 16-bit pixels.
  • The Lost Vikings VI is a play-of-words merge between Blizzard Entertainment’s former Nintendo Console/Gameboy Advance video game The Lost Vikings, and a StarCraft II Viking unit.
  • The Super Siege 3 arcade game is a reference to a StarCraft II Siege Tank.
  • The Fighters of the Storm arcade game is a reference to Heroes of the Storm featuring Tychus and Tyrael.
  • The Soulstone Demon-Slayer arcade game is a platform-scroller game in reference to Diablo III — featuring the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Monk.
  • The Fighters of the Storm 2 arcade game is a reference to Heroes of the Storm featuring Garrosh Hellscream and Kerrigan.
  • Next to the Shimada blade in the Shimada castle you can see the three shuriken that Genji threw at Hanzo (in the Animated Short: Dragons) — still sunk into the wall and the pillar.
  • One of the luminiscent housings by the small bridge inside the Shimada castle is broken. That’s where Genji got pushed through preventing one of Hanzo’s arrows from piercing him (in the Animated Short: Dragons).


Signs, Posters, Graffitti: Translations

Translations added to each thumbnail. All of these japanese signs can be found throughout the Shimada Castle, and the village shops in the Hanamura map.



The Defense team starts at the Shimada Castle, and needs to move toward point A (the temple of the dragon). The events transpired in the animated short: “Dragons” took place at the Shimada Castle.



The Attack Team spawns at the 16-Bit Hero Arcade Room. There are many arcade games based on StarCraft II, Diablo III, and Heroes of the Storm characters as an easter egg. There are also posters of at least three potential Overwatch heroes that haven’t been officially announced. The Attack team moves through the village, and needs to bypass the blockade at the gates of the Shimada estate in order to control Point A (the temple of the dragon). From there, the team moves to capture Point B (the Shimada Castle).


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