Eichenwalde Easter Eggs

UPDATE (Oct 11): The Eichenwald Evacuation flyer with the 11.10 (11th of October) date was indeed a clue/hint left by Blizzard to introduce the Overwatch Halloween Terror Seasonal Event. It is now in Live realms:


UPDATE (Oct 10th): This article (originally posted on August 23) has been made relevant again in Reddit as a theory by a fan (UselessUniform). Basically, there was an alleged leak about the Halloween Brawl featuring Sombra. The leak mentioned Eichenwald as part of the Halloween Brawl. Our article was posted when Eichenwald hit the PTR back in August. Browsing down this page you will find a flyer on the wall at the Attack Point that mentions the Evacuation date: 11.10 at 3-8:00. Considering this is an European map, the European date format reads that as 11th of October (11.10) — which is in a few hours from the moment of this update. 3-8:00 is a reference to the Europe Server Maintenance schedule between 3:00am CEST and 8:00 CEST (Stutgard, Germany time). In addition, Comixology recently alerted Overwatch Comics subscribers that a new Comics will be available on October 12th (presumably featuring Sombra). In a nutshell, it is speculated that the Halloween Brawl might hit the PTR on October 11th and possibly introduce Sombra (considering a new Comics is expected by Comixology on Oct 12th). That would automatically leave the countdown of AMomentInCrime.com as the moment when Sombra hits Live realms and/or the Sombra Short Animated is released. Oct 10 — the Junkenstein comics was leaked.



Eichenwalde doesn’t have much of a visual history or easter eggs. Mostly objects like computers, laptops, beer steins, guitars, accordions, bottles, plates, weapons, shields, fresco paintings, and other normal life objects. There are however, two things that seem out of place.

Inside the castle of Eichenwalde, there is a room with a health pack, and an odd looking sword half-buried on the ground, and aflame. It is totally out of place. It’s been said in the web that this is a “Dark Souls” easter-egg.


There are two references to Diablo III.


Finally, Balderich von Alder sits in a peculiar pose on a throne with two gryphon heads. Where have I seen that before?


Below, you can view some of the newspapers, posters, and vistas in Eichenwalde.


Eichenwalde History

There are a few signs on the walls posted before the Omnics assaulted the town of Eichenwalde. The red sign says:

Evacuation Order: The evacuation will begin on October 11th (11.10) at 3-8:00 o’clock.”

That date and time in particular are interesting, but might be nothing. If you check your calendar, October 11 falls actually on a Tuesday. And Battle.net Europe server’s maintenance time usually runs around that time. It makes you wonder if we got a clue concerning Sombra. Again… might be nothing.

The blue sign says:

“Instructions for the OMNIC serious event:

  • Keep Calm
  • Stay indoors
  • Stay away from windows
  • Help your neighbors”

Eichenwalde Easter Eggs


The poster with Reinhardt’s armor says: “The Crusader Standing Guard.”



A newspaper says: “Omnics march toward Stuttgart.”



One of the open newspapers says: “Crusaders on retreat;” “Omnics prepare large attack;” “Highest alarm level in Berlin.”



On the Attack Team spawn point one of the tables has a topographical map projecting holographic intel: Omnic-Infantry| Omnic-Artillery (Red), Rapid Deployment Force| Crusader | Eichenwalde (Blue), and Mountain Infantry Battalion | Stuttgart.



On a closing note, you can see the city of Stuttgart beyond the castle — as seen in the Overwatch Animated Short: Last Bastion.



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