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Aaron: So… Hero Missions. Well, Story Missions are really designed to take players through a story experience. Hero missions are designed to be deeply replayable. I think one of the great things about Blizzard Games are that we make lifestyle games; and what I mean by that is we make games that you can play as your main game, or you can play as your only game. I think that Hero Missions fit into the role where you can play them night after night, week after week, and year after year. This is really the long tale.

Jeff: Decade after decade.

Aaron: Was I getting a little too dramatic with that? Ok, I do that sometimes. One of the analogies that we use internally for Hero Missions is there are equivalent to Adventure Mode in Diablo, or World Quests in World of Warcraft. So it’s something that we really want you to be able to sink a lot of the time into, and we’ll get into progression a little bit later; but it really dove tails with the hero progression in Overwatch 2.

Those two systems rely on each other, and they kind of play with each other back and forth. Now, I think that for Hero Missions, there’s a lot of different things that make them replayable, and give them the variety that you need to be able to play them for a long period of time; and one of those is: Varied Locations. What I mean by this is that Hero Missions will take place all across the globe in new levels that are coming to Overwatch 2; and in all the levels that we’ve already built for Overwatch 1. You’ll be able to play Hero Missions in all of those.

Jeff: Another cool variable that you’ll have with hero missions that will keep it fresh and new is that the objectives will keep changing.

Aaron: You could do all sorts of different objectives in Hero Missions. We want them to feel kind of fresh and new each time you go into one of them. So one Hero Mission might be surviving a holdout in Winston’s lab in Gibraltar; or another one might be like taking out a Null Sector Behemoth in Route 66. We’ll have you going through a lot of different locations, doing a lot of different objectives; and the third piece to them is the hero roster that you’ll be able to pick from.

In story missions, we’re trying to tell a very specific narrative; and we need there to be certain heroes there. Like Jeff said earlier, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense for Widowmaker and Tracer to go out on a story mission together. But in Hero Mode, we want you to be able to pick from all of the different heroes that are available.

Jeff: We feel like hero choices (are) extremely important. One of the things that in general about Story Missions and Hero Missions we’re really excited for is the promise of Overwatch is that there’s these 31 amazing heroes for us to play with; but the reality for a lot of us is, I might be good with about 4 of them; and If I care about my SR at all, I may be only play like 4 or 5 heroes even though I really would love to explore this hero roster. The good news is we feel like in the PvE side of the game, you’ll really get a lot of exploration through the heroes; and I think Hero Missions in particular will feel great to play and level up different heroes.

Aaron: Yeah, definitely; and there’s a lot of reasons to pick from different heroes here as Jeff mentioned in, if you’re playing competitive you might want to stick to just a few; but as you’re going on different Hero Missions you might want to pick a particular hero because you think it’s really good for a certain objective type. Bastion and Reinhardt work really, really well in holdouts — you know? You might also be picking a hero because as we get into the progression system, you’ll see you might want to start leveling up a hero because you’re really excited about a particular build that you might be able to get for that hero.

Jeff: I can’t wait to talk about the progression system, but before we do there’s one more part of what’s going to keep the hero missions fresh, and keep them interesting; and that’s different enemy groups.

Aaron: Yes! You’ll be able to play against a lot of different enemy groups in Hero Missions for Overwatch 2. You saw Null Sector in Zero Hour, the cinematic that we showed during opening ceremonies. There’s also Talon. Talon has obviously been a force for evil in the Overwatch universe and I hope that we can see more of them in Overwatch 2 and kind of see what they’re up to; and then, beyond those two, you know, there’s other things, there’s other threats that are out there in the Overwatch universe, and I’m hoping that we can see some other enemy groups.

Jeff: Yeah, everyone can imagine some amazing enemy groups that they love to fight against in Overwatch 2, and we’re going to make them!


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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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