BlizzCon 2019 Overwatch 2 Panel Transcript

Narrator: Welcome to the Overwatch: What’s Next panel [Music]

Jeff: What’s up everyone? Long time no see. Ah, so I’m Jeff.

Aaron: –and I’m Aaron.

Jeff: So, okay. So Aaron… very humble. So how many WoW fans are here today?

Aaron: Oh my God.

Jeff: Okay. I’m not making this up, you can you can watch this on YouTube. Erin is the gentleman who made Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Ironforge, Darnassus for World of Warcraft. For those of you who are Overwatch fans… what is the best map in Overwatch? Aaron made King’s Row. Okay.

Aaron: Thank you, yeah for all of that, and he’s not embarrassing at all.

Jeff: No not embarrassing at all; and he prefers to be called A-A-Run. Everyone’s been pronouncing it wrong all these years.

Aaron: (laughs) You can ask my mom. Yeah, okay.

Jeff: So, Overwatch 2. We’re talking about it in detail now.

Aaron: I’m so, so excited to talk to all of you about Overwatch 2. We said it in opening ceremonies. It’s so hard not to be able to talk about it with friends and family, and actually use the name Overwatch 2; but here we go.

Jeff: There it is.

Aaron: You want to start with push.

Jeff: You start. You kick it off.



Aaron: Okay. So we’ve built a lot of game modes for Overwatch over the years. Things like Junkenstein’s, or Capture the Flag, or Lucio Ball; but those have always been featured in the Arcade. Push is the first game mode that we’ve released since launch that is what we call a core game mode. A core game mode is something that you will be able to play in Quick Play, it’s something that you’ll play in Competitive, and it’s also something that the Overwatch League is going to play. Let’s take a look at a video that kind of goes into it in a little more detail.

Jeff: Cool, yeah let’s check it out.

Aaron: Okay, so the Push map that we’re showing today takes place in Toronto, Canada. Yes, the objective of Push is for both teams to escort a robot into enemy territory. The team that pushes it the farthest before the time expires wins the match. That’s the Robot. As you stand near the robot, it will start moving towards the enemy’s base.

Jeff: Till Magus comes.

Aaron: Exactly, as the robot moves it pushes a barricade marker further into enemy territory. The further the marker goes the higher your team’s score gets. As it hits a checkpoint, your team will unlock a forward punch.

Jeff: He’s a little itchy.

Aaron: Yeah, I love this guy. As he’s pushing the barricade marker, the robot moves slower; but when he’s not pushing the marker, he moves a lot faster. This allows teams to make up lost ground really quickly in the mode. Okay. So Mei needs to escort the robot further into enemy territory than Brigitte’s team did; and if she can escort it all the way till the end of the map, it’ll result in an instant victory for her and her team. Like this.

Jeff: We would say, so far, internally we don’t have a lot of the maps go all the way to the end — which is a good thing. Most of the maps are like more back and forth.

Aaron: Yeah, and I think that that’s one of the design values that we had for Push is more interesting to have that robot move back and forth across the map. If you look at the map, you can see that it’s mirrored. The geometry is mirrored from one side to the other. It’s a symmetrical map; and the game-mode itself is a symmetrical game-mode. What that means is, each team has the same objective that they need to accomplish in order to win the match. This is similar to something like Control.

Control… both teams are vying for one control point in the middle of the map. What I think is really cool about Push, though, is as the robot moves back and forth across the map, the team fights that are everything in these symmetrical modes happen all across the map, in contrast to control where a lot of them happen at the control point in the middle of the map.

If you look at this next shot, you can see that the path that winds its way through Toronto in this map is really windy. That red line illustrates the path that the robot takes through Toronto. What this means, is that there’s a lot of different shortcuts in connections in order to connect different parts of the path. This makes the game-mode really flanky; and heroes that you might not see in some of our other game modes; or you might not see as prominently such as Reaper and Tracer are really, really powerful in this game mode. Internally in our testing, we typically use different comps in Push than we do in all the other game modes; and I can’t wait for you guys to play it. You can play it on the showfloor today, and see what sort of team compositions you guys create.

Jeff: Cool. Let’s take a look at Toronto a little bit. Why don’t we talk about some of our values from a world building standpoint?

Aaron: Yeah. So when we build maps, we always like to take players on a journey all across the world, and we like to visit unique and exciting and exotic locations; and when we build them, we try to make them fit the ideal or the fantasy of what we’ve always imagined that place in the world to be. With Toronto, it’s the red maple trees, it’s ice rinks, a curling Arena, statue of a hockey player.

Jeff: Very multi-cultural. So Toronto was a blast work on; but what’s very exciting for our players to know is that there’s gonna be all new PvP maps, not just for Push — which will have multiple new maps with it. It won’t just be Toronto; but every current core game mode in Overwatch is gonna get Overwatch 2 Maps.

Aaron: Yeah, we will get multiple maps for every game-mode; and I think this is so exciting, because the game, when Overwatch 2 launches, its gonna feel like such a new experience. I know we’re going to talk a lot about the cooperative missions up here; but even on the PvP side of the game, having a bunch of new maps to plan is gonna make this feel like a totally new experience for Overwatch 2 players.

Jeff: Yeah. Let’s check it out. We’ve got some footage here now. I have to warn everybody all of this is work in progress. We are hard at work on Overwatch 2 right now. So none of the maps that you’re seeing are finished, not even not even Toronto, not even Rio out on the showfloor today. None of them are finished. They’re all gonna be that much cooler when we’re done. We’re also looking forward to getting a lot of play testing, a lot of feedback, but you can see some of the locations that we’re really excited to explore. Many of these maps, we’ve been playing for a while now, and having a really good time.

Aaron: Yeah, I think one of the great things about making maps for the Overwatch Universe is that a lot of the people on our team come from locations all across the world. So, we have people from Brazil working on a Rio de Janeiro map, people from Sweden working on Gothenburg, people from Toronto actually working on Toronto; and they’re able to bring all of their love and passion and experience in these places to bear when they’re actually building the map.

Jeff: Yeah. So, we know that you all love new maps. There are a lot of new maps coming with Overwatch 2. A lot of new locations, places that you’ve want to see like Gothenburg. There’s a couple of Heroes from Gothenburg we think would be really cool; but it’s time to talk about Story Missions.


1. Push & New Maps2. Story Missions3. Hero Missions4. Progression System
5. Hero Visuals
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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts

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