BlizzCon 2016 Overwatch: What’s New Panel Transcript

New Map: Oasis

Jeff: Lastly, we have a new map coming. This one is a control map. So it is like Nepal, Lijiang Tower, or Ilios in that it is that “King of the Hill” game mode. We call it Control, the rest of the world calls it King of the Hill, but we are sticking with it–

(audience laughs)



— and this map, I think is a lot of fun for a lot of different reasons. Each of the points like our other control maps get billed with different gameplay in mind.



So we are trying an experiment on the– I keep calling it the first point of Oasis, but really it is the center city point of Oasis. We are trying out a Jump Pad. Overwatch’s first jump pad. Those of you are a fan of 90s shooters will know how awesome jump pads are, and shooters, and what we didn’t realize… like we knew a jump pad would be cool, and the jump pad sort of allows you to get really high to a very good strategic location over the capture point; but what we didn’t really think about until we sort of started playtesting was how much fun you could have with some of the hero abilities, and the jump pad.



So suddenly McCree’s Deadeye, or Soldier: 76’s tactical visor (you know )… 50 meters in the eye, it is kind of crazy, or Bastion; and I know you guys will figure out even cooler stuff than we have been able to figure out so far; but also just the map is cool and it is a chance for us to talk more about cool Overwatch places.

Michael: Yeah, and I am surprised you didn’t talk and say anything about those robot waiters there. That’s a big feature on this map. So oasis is set in the Arabian desert in the Middle East, and we were thinking about what new locations we want to do, and we really wanted to have a map set there using a lot of the architectural cues and stuff like that; and I think that what you can see here is that it is a really advanced city.

So the backstory of the Oasis map is that it was founded by scientists, and these scientists were looking for a way to really push the boundaries of what modern science at the time could do; but because of regulations (or whatever), they weren’t allowed to. So they founded the city as like a testament to the ingenuity of humans, and what better way to show that off than by turning the middle of the desert (this very unliveable place) into one of the most technical technologically advanced and wonderful cities in the world.

Jeff: So I know the artist will kill me if I don’t mention this too, all the art that you are seeing on Oasis is work in progress. The map is not finished yet. So I think the map is going to look even cooler. I mean, to me it looks beautiful already, but I think it will look even cooler when our amazing art team is done with it.

Now the plan for Oasis is hopefully (if everything goes right, and there is no disasters) Oasis should be on the PTR sometime in December. That’s our goal, and then our other goal is to release it in early 2017.

So that is what we are shooting for. It might slip. If it does, we will communicate that to you so you know when it is coming, but the other stuff: the Arcade, Sombra, the new game modes… that stuff, you guys are going to have right away. It should be on the PTR this week, and then you guys know like if the PTR goes well, really fast, and if there is a lot of feedback and we need to make changes, It will take a little bit longer; but it should be really really soon.

That’s sort of everything we have for our panel today. There are some amazing Overwatch panels happening here at BlizzCon. I highly recommend you check them out. there is a whole panel on the guys who have made the animated shots, who go into a lot of detail, we will show you a lot of behind the scenes stuff on how we made those animated shots. There is an amazing Play by Sound panel happening tomorrow morning. Our sound guys are fantastic. They have some special surprises for you.



Special guests that you might recognize in that panel, and then we know how much you guys like Q&A, and usually we rush through Q&A at the end of the panel, what we are going to do this time is tomorrow’s panel at the end of the day is entirely dedicated to Q&A, a whole hour of just Q&A.

We will answer all of your questions, we will have some of us who are up here right now and even more developers to talk about all things Overwatch. It has been an amazing year, and an amazing launch. We can’t thank you guys enough. We couldn’t wish for a better playerbase than you guys have been. We will keep making the game awesome, and have a great BlizzCon. Thank you guys!

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