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New Map: Hollywood

Kaplan: Hollywood. The new map that we introduced. So I think this one was like a curve-ball for a lot of people. We started sending out that teaser to people. We started a teaser out of that space movie poster, and a lot of people wondered: “Why Hollywood?.”

The truth is we feel there is a fantasy behind locations — whether you have been there or not that really defines Overwatch. We want the real world to be the setting for our game, but we wanted to be the Blizzard-ized version of the real-world. So what that pretty much means is that our version of Hollywood is one in which you won’t get shanked. That’s only funny to people from California. Everybody else is like: “Yea, Hollywood is beautiful! It’s gorgeous!,” but there is a real fantasy sorta going through Hollywood, and I think like some of us harken back to Hollywood of yesteryear, and how cool it was.



The map starts out on the streets of Hollywood boulevard. There is a lot of fun stars to look at on the ground. Then you make your way to Goldshire Studios. It was the one studio name that we were able to find where we weren’t going to get sued for using it. Yea, maybe the WoW Team are going to sue us for it.



So Goldshire Studios, obviously you got some of the chokepoints here. We found players in the beta evolving. Like early on, there is a lot of feedback like “Chokes are impossible, I don’t know why you have them.” Guess what? Pharah can just fly over it, and Tracer can blink through 30-meters through it, so trying to play the map like it is DE Dust isn’t a good idea. Just a pro-tip. I’m not a Pro-Gamer, but…

After you go through the studio, you go to the Hollywood backlot portion of it, and this is really fun — if you have never been at the Hollywood studio backlot, they are all facade. From a gameplay standpoint there is a lot of cool overhangs and balconies. So when you play Reaper on this map, you take totally different routes through the map. You kinda stick to the interiors, under the overhangs, but someone like Pharah or Widowmaker spend most of the time on the rooftops. So it is a really fun gameplay style. Personally, I only play McCree when my team is in the backlot area; and I pretty much roleplay it the whole time. The best way to play Overwatch is like roleplay all the time.



Then afterwards you make your way into the sound stage where they happen to be filming almost this retro-space movie that we think is really cool. Somewhat of an easter egg in this screenshot, our favorite film director of all time is (we called out a little call-out team) the back of that director’s chair is ” Jeff Chamberlain,” the guy who announced the announcement cinematic that we showed last year at BlizzCon — in case you were wondering.



And then finally, you make your way to the final point. What you are doing in this map is that you are escorting a payload; and that payload is a famous omnic director who has a heavy price on his head, because omnic-human relations are very strained in the world of Overwatch, and this director’s name is Hal-fred Glitchbot.

For a while, we explored using names like Robot Downey Jr. and then there was Robot DeNiro. We were being creative. Robot Redford, and all that. In our efforts to stay legally-cool with everybody, we have Hal-fred Hitchbot and you get him to the end here, and it is a lot of fun. The trailer has got a little easter egg on it. Tyrael is the brand there. You also see cameras on the map that are Kilrogg brand. We thought Hollywood was a really fun map. We hope you guys have as much fun with it as we do. We wanted it to be a big variance in Overwatch locations so you have very serious locations like Watchpoint: Gibraltar, but then some fun locations (light-hearted) like the arcade in Hanamura — where you can smash arcade machines while you wait for the match to start. Or Hollywood itself.

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Browse this article:Beta StatsConsolesNew Map: HollywoodMeiD.vaGenji
Panel Q&A

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