BlizzCon 2014 – Overwatch Unveiled Panel Transcript


Kaplan: So she is blinking around and then suddenly she recalls, and what you will find as you gain more experience with the game– as you guys play it more– when you are playing against Tracer you have this running 3 second clock in your head that takes you back where she has been: “Ok, so she was over there. And when she hits the button again, she will be over there again.”

Lastly, all the heroes in Overwatch have what we are calling an Ultimate Ability– most original best name ever that we came up with. That ultimate ability is fueled by a resource metre. All the Overwatch heroes have this metre. It’s a big circular metre in the middle center-bottom of the screen.

When that fills up you get to do your really cool thing. In Tracer’s case, she has the “pulse bomb”. The pulse bomb is a very short ranged thrown bomb that she can throw out. It is sticky. Therefore, it will latch unto any target that it hits, including a player if it latches onto them. You can through it up against the wall behind Bastion, or something like that. Then the bomb does devastating damage in a very small radius.

All these abilities are cool and they are all super useful, but where it gets really exciting is when you see the abilities come together. So Tracer, for example, if I’m coming into a match– maybe Chris is playing Torbjörn and he is set up right near the team objective. Chris is defending the point by building his big turret right there; and our team just can’t get past it.

Well, I can come in as Tracer. I can triple blink 30 meters across the map. Throw the pulse bomb on the turret. Hit recall, and be out of danger instantly and it is a lot of fun.

So what we have done — because we were not able to provide a tutorial for the show space today, we just have matches of Overwatch being played. We made all of these training videos so everyone online can watch and learn the abilities of the hero they want to play before they get up there, so they are prepared for their match; but we thought it would be cool for the panel to show you the Tracer training video so that you can see these abilities in action, so let’s just take a look at that now.

Metzen: So you guys got a good look at Tracer. So we wanted to use her as an illustration of depth and how we are approaching all of these characters, as they seem very very very distinct. So we wanted to very quickly kinda go through the other twelve characters we brought with us this weekend. We are going to try to align this with our slides as we go. We are going to do our best.

So as we start we have Bastion who is actually a war robot developed back during the OMNIC CRISIS. He got jarred pretty hard, so now he is just this peace loving robot who loves nature but if you piss him off he turns into an assault-cannon and devastate everything with hot lead.


So we have Hanzo who is a peerless wandering assassin who was driven from him Ninja clan nearly ten years ago. He then seeks redemption through honing his murderous skills.


We have Mercy a former battlefield medic who developed a new kind of biotic healing stream, and with her combat flight suit she is able to heal people dynamically across the battlefield and really hope to make a more peaceful world in the process.


We had Pharah — a former security officer. Pharah kind of missed joining Overwatch, her mother was a part of Overwatch, and she always really wanted to be a part of it but by the time she graduated from the academy Overwatch was gone. So, Pharah with her rocket suit and her devastating fire power dreams of a world where Overwatch comes back to uphold the ideas of justice in the world.


We have the enigmatic Reaper. Reaper is just a bad man. No one knows too much about Reaper, but his hellfire shotguns. They are kind of feared throughout the world, and hotspots and divine places around the world. This guy shows up and makes things worse always.


We have “Reinhardt.” Reinhardt was one of the of original Overwatch strike force. With his combat suit and his rocket hammer. This guy is not always together there after all these years. He is kinda a Don Quijote. He belives that he still lives in a chivalrous age to dispense indiscriminate justice, fight valorously throughout the world.


We have “Symmetra”, who has the technoloy– we call it like hard light technology. She is able to weave hard-light constructs and kind of creates turrets and teleporters and things all over the map, and a support role for her group. She literally weaves reality together from light and so she is definitely the kind of person who believes she is shaping a much better world. However I wonder about her true motivations to be honest with you.

We have “Torbjörn.” Torbjörn was also a part of the original Overwatch strike team some thirty years before. He is one of the greatest weaponsmiths and engineers of the world. He was constricted into Overwatch to try and develop weapons to counter the OMNIC CRISIS. I think ultimately he fears one day his technologies and weapons being used to cause harm. So he definitely feels a responsibility to do good for the world.


We have “Widowmaker”, who you saw in the intro. Widowmaker was taken and transformed. She was a very nice girl at one point and was transformed into one of the world’s most deadliest assassins, her blood literally runs cold. But we hope that one day with some therapy and guidance she can be nicer to people.


We have “Winston”, we talked a lot about Winston, he is the super intelligent ape in a space suit that came from the moon with a lightning gun and when you piss him off he can kinda– he wigs out and becomes a horrific raging ape; and then in his off-time he loves peanut butter and bananas.


We have “Zenyatta”, one of my favourites. Zenyatta is an OMNIC Monk. Part of a clandestine order of higher AI robots known as the “Shambali”. Zenyatta wonders the world, hmmmm seeking contact with humans and robots to one day hope that just by making contact and drawing people into relationships we can heal the world and find a new place to be and create a better society. But until that day comes, he is thrown in to use his abilities and energy abilities to fight the good fight and protect people wherever the conflict is in the world.


So that is the twelve we came with this weekend. Like we said, there are many-many more to come. It’s one of the funniest parts of Overwatch– is getting kinda to work with the team to get these characters, how they interrelate and who goes back with who, and who went to college with who, and who has (???) in a longstanding. It’s super-super fun stuff. I hope you have enjoyed at least a quick look of our growing pantheon of characters.


Kaplan: Yea, we would like to talk about their role. They are awesome.

(Audience applauses)


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