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Overwatch Anniversary Preview: Dance Emotes!

Soon we have one year of Overwatch behind us. Starting on the 23rd of May lasting until 12th of June the new Overwatch Anniversary events is upon us.

Blizzard gave as a little idea what this means: time to put your dance moves on!

New Hero revealed: Ana, the Support Sniper

Ana: “Everyone must find their cause.” print_ana

Support Role : Support

Real Name Real Name : Ana Amari, Age: 60

Occupation Occupation : Bounty Hunter

Base of Operation Base of operations : Cairo, Egypt

Affiliation Affiliation : Overwatch (formerly)


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My first gameplay experience with Ana Amari versus AI.


Overwatch PTR - Ana Amari Gameplay Videos
Ana Gameplay # 2


Overwatch: What’s New | Summary

This article is being updated as the presentation goes on. Stay tuned!

Beta Overview

  • As of tuesday, there were 82.000 total matches
  • Average match time: 7:34
  • Most played hero: Pharah
  • Best chance of winning: Symmetra


  • Overwatch comes to Xbox One and Playstation4
  • When Overwatch started to be developed, they planned from the beginning to have it on console as well
  • No cross-plattform gaming

New Map

  • The map is called Hollywood
  • You escort a payload, an omnic director, HAL-Fred Glitchbot
  • Starting from the Hollywood boulevard,
    you enter the Goldshire Studios
  • features lot of balconys and rooftops
  • next up, you go through the studio sets

New Heroes

  • Mei
  • Full Name: Mei-Lin Zhou, 31 years old
  • Occupation: Climatologist, Adventurer
  • Base of operation: Xi’an, China (formerly)
  • Affilation: Overwatch (formerly)
  • Armed with freezing weapons
  • She got trapped and had to go in cryo and was only rescued years later while her team died
  • First hero concepts got to close to Zarya
  • Abilities:
    • Endothermic Blaster
      Mei’s blaster unleashes a concentrated, short-range stream of frost that damages, slows, and ultimately freezes enemies in place. Mei can also use her blaster to shoot icicle-like projectiles at medium range.
    • Ice Wall
      Mei generates an enormous ice wall that obstructs lines of sight, stops movement, and blocks attacks.
    • Cryo-Freeze
      Mei instantly surrounds herself with a block of thick ice. She heals and ignores damage while encased, but cannot move or use abilities.
    • Blizzard
      Mei deploys a weather-modification drone that emits gusts of wind and snow in a wide area. Enemies caught in the blizzard are slowed and take damage; those who linger too long are frozen solid.
  • D.Va
  • Real Name: Hana Song, Age: 19
  • Occupation: Pro Gamer (formerly), Mech Pilot
  • Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea
  • Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army
  • Ex-Progamer
  • One influence that drived her design was the idea of her streaming how she pilots her mech
  • Abilities:
    • Fusion Cannons
      D.Va’s mech is equipped with twin short-range rotating cannons. They lay down continuous, high-damage fire without needing to reload, but slow D.Va’s movement while they’re active.
    • Boosters
      D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.
    • Defense Matrix
      D.Va can activate this forward-facing targeting array to shoot incoming projectiles out of the air.
    • Self-Destruct
      D.Va ejects from her mech and sets its reactor to explode, dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.
  • While in the mech, when she dies, only the mech is destroyed, and D.Va ejects.
    • Light Gun
      While outside of her mech, D.Va can continue the fight with a mid-range automatic blaster.
    • Call Mech
      If her armored battle suit is destroyed, D.Va can call down a fresh mech and return to the fray.
  • Genji
  • Genji is Hanzo’s brother
  • Real Name: Genji Shimada, Age: 35
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Base of Operations: Shambali Monastery, Nepal
  • Affiliation: Shimada Clan (formerly), Overwatch (formerly)
  • He almost died to Hanzo
  • Was given a cybernatic body by Mercy
  • Overwatch wanted Genji’s help to dismantle the Shimada Clan
  • Zenyatta helped him to come to terms with his new cybernetic body
  • Skills
    • Shuriken
      Genji looses three deadly throwing stars in quick succession. Alternatively, he can throw three shuriken in a wider spread.
    • Swift Strike
      Genji darts forward, slicing the air with his katana and passing through foes in his path. After the initial strike, his targets begin to bleed and take additional damage over time. If Genji eliminates a target with this ability, he can instantly use it again.
    • Deflect
      With lightning-quick swipes of his sword, Genji reflects an oncoming projectile and sends it rebounding towards his opponent.
    • Dragonblade
      Genji brandishes his katana for a brief period of time. Until he sheathes his sword, Genji can deliver killing strikes to any targets within his reach.

GamesCom 2015 Blizzard Media Briefing: Meet Lúcio – the Hero with a vibe

I was at the GamesCom 2015 Blizzard Media Briefing where Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster: Lucio.

Lúcio lucio_presskit_conceptFacts:

Role: Support
Real Name: Lúcio Correia dos Santos
Age: 26
Occupation: DJ; Freedom Fighter
Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Affiliation: None




Lúcio is a mobile music themed support hero equiped with a Sonic Amplifier, which can be used to shoot the enemy or to knock them back using its secondary function.

During combat he is continuously playing one of two songs with his Crossfade ability. One song is used to heal, the other to speed up your allies and yourself.The effect of his song can be increased by his Amp It Up skill.

Finally, with his ultiamte the Sound Barrier he’s able to briefly provide his allies and himself with personal shields for a brief moment.

To top it off, his skates allow him to slide on walls, and he extend it by jumping from wall to wall. This also allows him to bypass the enemies’ defense.

Lúcio is meant to be played as either a supporter or using his mobility and knock back as a skirmisher.



Lucio_001 Lucio_002 Lucio_003

Lucio_004 Lucio_005 Lucio_006

Lucio_007 Lucio_008 Lucio_009


Lucio_010 Lucio_011 Lucio_012



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Lucio_GC15_01 Lucio_GC15_03 Lucio_GC15_02


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