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The LumériCo website has been updated with a new entry in the NEWS section, and new email exchanges in Guillermo Portero’s webmail. Sombra hacked LumériCo’s NEWS section to alert the population the rampant corruption of Guillermo Portero. Sombra is indeed working with Los Muertos when she said: “We, Los Muertos…”


Sombra Hacks LumériCo Website’s News Page

Long live the King!

The King Guillermo Portero of LumériCo invites cordially, his loyal servants, to participate in his crowning event and to celebrate his infinite greed and treason toward the people of México. We gave coordinated the publication of info that demonstrates that Portero is a viper, that have for a long time ripoff the riches of our country for his own wealth. He has corrupted our government, turned our sisters and brothers into beggars, and he won’t stop until controlling the whole country under his dominance. But we, Los Muertos, won’t tolerate the celebration of his reign of corruption. We’ll demonstrate to our new conquistadores (conquerors) who wil take the reins of the future of our country! On November 1st, we’ll dethrone the King Viper and we’ll celebrate the recovery of our home.



President Guillermo Portero’s Webmail

Thus far many Overwatch fans may have wondered whether Sombra’s accusations had any merit because Guillermo Portero’s emails have shown a respectful, and even caring value toward his employees so far. However, two new email within the new batch now reveal something more dark behind the honorable facade.

The first email is a red flag. It comes from Sanjay Korpal (Vishkar Corp CEO). This is the guy who Symmetra worked for some time ago. Many months ago, Blizzard Entertainment published a digital comics titled A Better World based on Symmetra, and there we learned the true intentions behind Sanjay Korpal’s goals. To the public, Sanjay preaches good intentions toward the general public, but he doesn’t care about the people in the Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Now he is trying to make a deal with Guillermo Portero.



Sanjay didn’t reveal exactly what the agreement with LumériCo is about, but he reveals there will be more communication in coming days. So expect more email updates in Guillermo Portero’s webmail as November 1 approaches.

The second email is a bit darker where funding is being transferred through the Dorado Bank and Mónaco. Yet it is not revealed who it has been sent to, but the bank transference was done for the Juárez case. It is unknown if Juárez is a person, or if it is related to something that happened in Ciudad Juárez (Juárez city — Chihuaha). That’s not too far from the northern power plant. Whatever it is going on, it might be revealed in the next email.


To access Guillermo Portero’s webmail go to and type his login credentials (CAPS sensitive):

Username: GPortero
Password: [email protected]+Bkuqd<53uJ

  • From: María Jiménez

    To: [Everyone] Executive Staff; María Jiménez

    Subject: Security Guards for Executives' travels


    We have assigned a security guard team to each executive with a travel passport. Attached is a report of yearly cost and recommended tasks for next year's schedules. Send me a direct message if you got any questions.


    María Jiménez

    Security Chief




    From: Guillermo Portero

    To: María Jiménez

    Subject: Re: Security Guard Team for Executives' travels




    Thanks for everything you do for our security.


    What's the reasonable smallest team we could send to our executives for the remnant of this year? Security is the most important, but we shouldn't be intimidating or frightening.


    As a personal note, I apreciate your time and attention you spend for our security, but don't allow that to be at the expense of your own peace of mind. After the revelation ends, you may use my shared time in the Riviera for a week. You deserve it.


    (Translation: Riviera likely refers to the Riviera Maya (or Mayan Corridor) which is a tourism attraction and resort along the Caribbean coastline of the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula in México.)




    From: María Jiménez([email protected])

    To: Guillermo Portero([email protected])

    Subject: Re: Security Team for Executives' travels




    Thanks for the offer. Once the job is done, I'll accept with pleasure.


    For public events without own security, I recommend 2 agents of the public police, 1 personal bodyguard, and 1 Ops agent in constant communication with the ops center. Everyone, except the bodyguard, may keep distance from the executive if you prefer so. But sometimes to have visible protection does the job on itself.


    María Jiménez

    Security Chief

  • sombra-arg-lumerico-website-34

    From: Manuel Oliveira ([email protected])

    To: Guillermo Portero([email protected])

    Subject: It's done




    I have finished the bank transfer as solicited for the Juárez case. The funds were sent through the Dorado Bank account via Mónaco. The funds should be available tomorrow.


    I'll make sure to inform Jiménez the communication and details related to this transaction.



  • sombra-arg-lumerico-website-36

    De: Sanjay Korpal (Vishkar Corp)

    Para: Guillermo Portero ([email protected])

    Asunto: Re: Business Proposa


    Mr. Portero,


    I have conveyed the contents of our latest discussion with the executive directors and they are all in agreement in principle on the framework for a deal. Of course there will be a lot of discussion and communication in the coming days, but I am optimistic that we can reach a mutually beneficial understanding.


    I understand your concerns over the recent press about our Rio de Janeiro development, however I can assure you that this is just a blip on the radar and that we are taking care of it. And of course, we are more than happy to keep our negotiations private until such time that you feel comfortable in discussing them with the public. And of course, we are more than happy to assist with smoothing over any conflicts that might come up in opposition of our proposals.





  • sombra-arg-lumerico-website-35

    From: Guillermo Portero

    To: Gonzalo Flores

    Subject: News?


    Where did that news come from? Get rid of it please.





    From: Gonzalo Flores([email protected])

    To: Guillermo Portero([email protected])

    Subject: Re: News?




    You are right - it seems we have had a series of unathorized access to the section of our news page.


    I have tried to delete the news item but something prevents the content management system from executing my delete command. I'll keep you updated as soon as possible.




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Sombra Hacks LumériCo's News PageMayan Calendar/Morse CodeMaría Jiménez Webmail

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