Overwatch Patch

Blizzard Entertainment deployed today a small patch for PC to address specifically a few bug fixes. A larger patch for the PS4 and Xbox One will be available at a later date.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the flag to get stuck outside the standard gameplay boundaries in Capture the Rooster.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Competitive Matches to continue indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer and Mei to reach unintended locations outside the standard gameplay boundaries on several maps.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Reinhardt’s shield from displaying cracks at low health when the Wujing skin was equipped.


Overwatch Developer Update: Symmetra Design Changes

Jeff Kaplan addresses the Overwatch players with a new Developer Update video. This time explaining the new radical changes for Symmetra. Symmetra now creates a Photon Barrier which travels across the field in a straight line. It is similar to Reinhardt’s shield. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.

The second ability is the Shield Generator — the first time a hero has a choice between two Ultimate abilities. The Shield Generator deploys a generator that provides additional shields to allies in an area. It looks like the Teleporter, but a sphere instead of a portal. All you have to do is click the Ultimate button again to toggle between Teleporter or Shield Generator before deploying it.

This is a hefty change, and no doubt very welcomed by Symmetra players, and this will definitely increase the use of Sombra as a counter.



Overwatch Developer Update: Symmetra Design Changes


Overwatch Patch Notes – Overwatch Halloween Terror Brawl

Blizzard Entertainment deployed Overwatch Patch Notes introducing the new Seasonal Event: Overwatch Halloween Terror Brawl, several bug fixes and hero adjustments.

Overwatch Patch Notes

New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Halloween Terror

When the shadows grow long and the nights grow cold… when witches cackle in the night, and ghosts roam the streets… it can mean only one thing: Halloween has arrived in Overwatch! Starting today, Overwatch’s regular Loot Boxes have been replaced with limited-edition Halloween Loot Boxes. Each contains at least one of more than 100 Halloween-themed sprays, icons, skins, victory poses, emotes, and highlight intros. And the bravest heroes will test their mettle against a mad scientist’s metal minions in Overwatch’s first co-op PvE brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Welcome to Overwatch Halloween Terror!

To learn more about the event click here.


Overwatch Patch – Patch Notes

Overwatch Patch was deployed today. Aside from what is shown in the patch notes below, there were two new skins not mentioned below — Genji’s Nomad skin and Pharah’s Raindancer skin. This patch was 1.01 GB in size.


Patch Notes

A new beta patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the Beta Feedback forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Beta Bug Report forum.

Please note that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.


Competitive Play

  • Players in Heroic can now be matched into a Competitive Play game with non-Heroic players, but only after waiting in queue for a moderate period of time


  • Implemented several CPU efficiency improvements for CPUs that do not support hyper-threading


Volskaya Industries

  • Increased time required to capture both objectives

King’s Row

  • Increased time required to capture the first objective



  • Flashbang
    • Stun duration increased by 0.2 seconds
    • Recovery time (i.e. the time before McCree can shoot again) increased by 0.2 seconds

Developer Comments: This change should help McCree better orient to his targets after stunning them with Flashbang, and give his teammates more opportunities to capitalize on its use.


  • Earthshatter
    • Reinhardt no longer gains Ultimate charge from using Earthshatter

Developer comments: This is general rule we have in place that prevents heroes from generating Ultimate charge when using their Ultimate, but Reinhardt was previously overlooked.


  • Chain Hook
    • Now pulls smaller targets closer than larger targets
  • Whole Hog
    • Decreased the movement speed penalty

Developer comments: The change to Chain Hook should enable Roadhog to more reliably kill smaller heroes after a successful pull. Since Roadhog’s primary fire has such a wide spread, this allowed smaller heroes to avoid the majority of incoming damage from Roadhog after they were hooked. For Whole Hog, we feel the movement change helps the ability be more flexible while also making it less dangerous for Roadhog to use.



  • Fixed an issue that caused respawning players to face in the direction of the Kill Cam feed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to respawn twice
  • Fixed an issue with Competitive Play that would cause the game to start before all slots on both teams were filled
  • Fixed an issue where the End of Match would only show the Victory Lineup
  • Fixed an issue with the sizing of sprays on specific surfaces in Route 66

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Reticle could not be reset to default
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Reticle was not persisting
  • Fixed an issue that caused chat to scroll
  • Fixed an issue where hero-specific bindings would reset after round transition on a Control map
  • Fixed where selecting ALT + Z on the Highlights menu would display a black screen

Overwatch Beta patch

A few minutes ago, Blizzard Entertainment deployed Overwatch Beta patch New change I see is the addition of the “Brawl Details” button beneath the Weekly Brawl selector. The previous patch had missing images for the Weekly Brawl: Girl Power, and MOBA-Watch. Those image bugs are now corrected.

More details as they become available. Follow us on Twitter for updates.



Overwatch Patch build

Blizzard Entertainment released a new patch to fix a few bugs introduced in the previous patch. However, new content has been added in the new patch: new sprays.


New sprays: Bastion, Mei, Mercy, Pharah, and Winston. Follow the links and look under “Spray.”

A new beta patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the Beta Feedback forum.
For a list of known issues, visit our Beta Bug Report forum.

Please note that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.



  • Soldier: 76 has been re-enabled for all game modes
  • Added some transparency to Widowmaker’s scope graphic when scoped in
  • Added “Young” Genji Legendary skin
  • Several new sprays have been added for Bastion, Mei, Mercy, Pharah, and Winston






  • Fixed an issue that caused the killcam and spectator camera angle to suddenly “snap” whenever Zarya cast Particle Barrier or Projected Barrier



  • Mercy’s damage beam will now correctly amplify its target’s damage
  • Fixed an issue where Widowmaker’s scope graphic wasn’t rendering when scoped in



  • Fixed a collision issue with the theater door outside the attacking spawn in Hollywood



  • Fixed an issue with the implementation of “Commando: 76” and “Night Ops: 76” Legendary skins
  • Fixed an issue that caused “Scarecrow” Junkat’s Steel Trap to be unkillable
  • Fixed an issue with hero weapons not appearing for several skins.

Source: Official Forums

Overwatch Competitive Play Mode

Overwatch beta patch has introduced Competitive Play mode for those who wish to rise in the rank system. When a game ends, don’t leave. Once you start a Competitive Play, you must stay until you win 3 times or the other team does. Basically, you are joining a Best of 5 game. At the end of that cycle you earn Challenger rank points to level up.

If you leave the game before the Best of 5 ends, you get extreme XP penalties. That’s a deterrant. If someone does leave, however, the match system won’t replace the player who left, so the team is penalized. It becomes a 5v6 instead.



Challenger Tier has 5 ranks. Once you reach the fifth, you are moved to the next Tier. There are three known Tiers: Challenger, Advanced and Expert. There might be more.



This video shows you what happens when you complete a Best of 5 in Competitive Play.



  • Patch Notes

    A new beta patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

    To share your feedback, please post in the Beta Feedback forum.
    For a list of known issues, visit our Beta Bug Report forum.

    Please note that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.


    New Play Mode: Competitive Play
    Earned some battlefield experience and ready to step up your game? Prepare to prove yourself in Competitive Play! Designed for those seeking a more serious challenge, Competitive Play is our new game mode in which players can compete and “rank up” through a series divisions and tiers in monthly seasons.

    To join a Competitive Play game, select “Play” from the main menu and then select “Competitive Play.” You can queue up for Competitive Play games solo or in a group (of any size), and the system will do its best to match you against other players who’ve also queued solo or against players in similarly sized groups.

    Please note that you must be at least level 25 in order queue for Competitive Play.


    Progression Rewards
    • Several new sprays, player icons, and voice lines have been added
    • Some of the less popular sprays and voice lines have been removed
    • New Legendary skins have been added for several heroes:
      • “Gearbot” Bastion
      • “Junebug” D.Va
      • “Scavenger” D.Va
      • “Sparrow” Genji
      • “Fool” Junkrat
      • “Hayseed” Junkrat
      • “Scarecrow” Junkrat
      • “Breakaway” Lúcio
      • “Slapshot” Lúcio
      • “Abominable” Mei
      • “Yeti Hunter” Mei
      • “Raptorion” Pharah
      • “Thunderbird” Pharah
      • “Plague Doctor” Reaper
      • “Stonehardt” Reinhardt
      • “Islander” Roadhog
      • “Sharkbait” Roadhog
      • “Commando: 76” Solider:76
      • “Night Ops: 76” Soldier: 76
      • “Comtesse” Widowmaker
      • “Huntress” Widowmaker
      • “Arctic” Zarya
      • “Siberian Front” Zarya

    Leaving Games
    • Leaver Penalty
      • If a player’s game completion percentage falls below our required threshold, they will now receive a warning message (this percentage is calculated based on their 20 most recent games)
      • If that players continues to leave games after receiving this warning, they will incur a 75% XP penalty for future games
      • This penalty will be removed once the player raises their game completion percentage above our required threshold (again, this percentage is calculated based on their 20 most recent games)
    • Play Interactivity
      • Players who are in the team spawn room and have selected a hero will no longer be removed for inactivity until 45 seconds after a game has started
      • Players actively browsing heroes in the “Assemble Heroes” selection screen will no longer be considered inactive
    • Removed initial warning message displayed after leaving a game
    • Note: Competitive Play will have additional rules and penalties for leaving games

    Technical Updates
    • Network Graph
      • You can now enable a network graph while in-game to help diagnose client networking issues
      • Hit CTRL+SHIFT+N to toggle the network graph on or off
    • Network Quality Status Icons
      • The client will now pulse network status icons when packet loss or a network stream stall is detected
      • You can disable these icons from the Gameplay settings menu
    • High Bandwidth Custom Game Option
      • You can now enable a high bandwidth mode for Custom Game, changing the client update rate from 20.8Hz to 62.5Hz
    • Improved the regularity of player commands being sent from the client to the sever
    • Reduced the maximum rewind time allowed on behalf of high-latency players
      • Note: High-latency players will now extrapolate and potentially mispredict as a result


    Control Maps
    • Each round now has a unique name
    • Rounds are now shuffled in random order
    • Ilios
      • Minor revisions to art and collision have been made throughout the map
    • Lijiang Tower
      • The control point room in the Garden has been enlarged
      • The pillars in the Control Center have been removed and two new walls have been added
    • Route 66
      • Revised first tunnel on the left outside of the starting attacker spawn
      • Removed ability for players to enter the hanging train above the starting attacker spawn
      • Further adjusted payload size to ensure all heroes can move around it in narrow locations
      • Significant revisions to collision have been made throughout the map


    • Ice Wall
      • Can now be destroyed early by activating the ability again

    Developer comments: This is a simple quality-of-life change that helps Mei have better control of her Ice Wall.

    • Caduceus Blaster
      • Now automatically reloads when not in use

    • Caduceus Staff
      • Players can now swap between healing beam and damage beam without losing the beam’s target

    • Guardian Angel
      • Range increased slightly
      • Cooldown decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
      • Will now destroy environmental objects when you come in contact with them
      • Can now be cancelled by using the ability again

    Developer comments: Some quality-of-life improvements for Mercy players, as well as overall improvements to Guardian Angel. We think the changes will help her reliability and survivability when she is the middle of a firefight.

    • Photon Shield
      • Shield amount reduced from 50 to 25

    Developer comments: We feel that Symmetra's win rate is still too high at all levels of play. We want to do a pretty big swing here to see how it impacts her overall. This is a significant change that we'll be monitoring closely.

    • Rivet Gun
      • Now automatically reloads when not in use

    Developer comments: Similar to the pistol change for Mercy, this is a simple quality-of-life change that helps streamline using multiple weapons.


    Career Overview
    • Reorganized the statistics on the Main Overview, Hero Comparison, and Hero Statistics pages
    • Averages shown are now per game averages, updated from per minute

    Game Options
    • An option to select custom crosshairs has been added
    • The following hero-specific options are now available:
      • Genji
        • Automatically climb walls
      • Hanzo
        • Automatically climb walls
      • Junkrat
        • RIP-Tire: Automatically climb walls
      • Mercy
        • Toggle Beam Connection
      • Reinhardt
        • Toggle Barrier
      • Soldier: 76
        • Hold to Sprint
      • Widowmaker
        • Toggle Zoom
        • Mouse Sensitivity While Zoomed
    • Mouse sensitivity scale has been reset and re-calibrated

    • Several polish updates have been made to Spectator Mode


    • Fixed an issue on Watchpoint: Gibraltar that allowed players to access out of map areas
    • Fixed an issue where leaver penalties were being incorrectly applied to an account


Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – Build 27704

The latest beta patch build 27704 reset the career profile stats where you used to have Most Kills, Deaths, Play of the Game data. However, the level progression, and rewards are intact. Last night there were a few server disconnections disrupting matches mid-game, so a new mini-patch was released to address those issues. The current build is 27729.

A brand-new mediterranean control map was added in this patch: Ilios, new skins and character balance changes. Read the patch notes below.

Overwatch Beta Patch Notes 1.0.2 – February 19, 2016

Torbjörn has been slightly nerfed — which many will see as a welcomed decision. You could out-repair incoming damage, making it hard to destroy a strategically placed turret which prevents claiming a checkpoint or objective. Especially, if two or more players chose to play as Torbjörn.

For those who haven’t watched a video, the turret automatically targets you the second you enter its view, and you were basically dead or nigh dead. Any attempts on destroying the turret would be met with Torbjörn quickly repairing the turret.

I livestreamed Overwatch last night before this patch. That will allow you to see how powerful Torbjörn was before this new patch.