BlizzCon 2017 Overwatch: What’s Next Panel Transcript

Moira Gameplay

Geoff: Alright. So as we said we were hearing you guys’s feedback and we were definitely feeling the same thing… like we just need more healers in the game. So we started sort of thinking what haven’t we done, what would be really cool, what would work with other heroes?


Moira is just a cool fresh idea. So she actually on paper originally really started as actually having a ton of health and trying to like leech health off people, and then she feed her own health to people ended up being sort of a balancing nightmare, because then what if I just don’t heal people and I just leech forever, and you can’t ever kill me. That is like: OK… that is a problem.

So actually the way she ends up and working is in the same vein she is got sort of the same feel to it. It doesn’t quite have that same design to it. But I will walk you through her abilities to see how it works together.

So her weapon is called Biotic Grasp. There is a primary fire and secondary fire to it. The primary fire we call Regeneration. It is this kind of just spray, and it is kind of visually a little bit like maze-blaster, but actually pierces all your allies.


You can heal multiple allies at the same time and kinda like a cone in front of you; and actually has a ton of throughput, you can heal a lot with this thing; but the only reason it is not overpowered (hopefully) is that there is a meter controlling it, and as you can see kind of in this video on the right side, actually using it kind of drains slowly and it kinda regenerates pretty slowly, and by itself over time.

But if you actually are trying to heal more (which hopefully, you are) you can’t really wait for that, so her second part of this comes into play which is the alternate fire which we call Decay. This is kind of her damaging hand, and this is where she is actually draining the enemies. It does actually still leech some health so she is kinda healing off it it. Not a ton, but it’s enough to sort of top yourself off and everything.


But the biggest important thing is that it fills that meter really fast. So you are sort of healing people, but you also need to take time whenever you can to try to leech energy off your enemies so that you can feed it to your allies.

She is very evil as a healer, very sinister. She doesn’t care. It’s worth it. Her first ability we call Fade. This ability is… she basically disappears completely. It is complete invinsibility kind of like Sombra, but it is instant. There is no delay or anything, and then she reappears. It is less than a second. It is super-fast, but you also get an intense move-speed boost, so you can hit it and then like going to corner quick and to the enemy you are completely gone. They don’t even know where you went. You can see you don’t even go like super far, but if a Winston is jumping on you, you can just “whoop” (press: Fade)… “I am back here now!“… and keep healing, keep doing damage. She is great.


Did you notice it has some similarities to Reaper’s Wraith form? Which is funny how that works out.

Michael: We obviously… there is a close relationship between Moira and the Reyes/Reaper, and I think one of the fun things we were able to do is to sort of hint at some of those things in her ability.

Geoff: It’s like she is helping Reaper: “You know, I think I can make this better, I have an idea.”

Michael: Professional relationship… yes.

Geoff: Second is called Biotic Orb. This also has two different modes much like her primary secondary fire, and it follows the same kind of pattern. So first you do is hit this button, she pulls up these two Orbs, and it represents the damage and healing aspects.


If you use the primary fire you threw off the Orb regeneration, and that is sort of the yellow orb you see here, and these Orbs can bounce around they have like infinite bounce they could bounce all over like a small area, or off ceilings. Stuff like that.

And if they ever get near Allies, it would slow down, and start healing them automatically; and there is only so much you can heal as it can contain an amount of healing in it, and it shrinks over time as it feeds it to everybody; but it is a great way to AOE heal. It is also really good at like longer range, because its range is super long.

Generally, one her cone heal, so you can throw like a Pharah really far away, and try to get a save on her while you get close, be able to heal her with your primary fire; or you can choose the alternate fire in this if you want to. Both share the same cooldown, so you have to pick which one you want; and the alternate fire is called Decay. Works basically the same. It is just inverted.


So you do damage to enemies, it can also bounce around, this can be incredibly deadly in a small area where it is bouncing around a lot; especially if you can move and act freely while it is happening. So you can throw the orb into an area, chase somebody down, and then start grasping them taking damage that way. They just take a ton of damage all of a sudden, kind of have to get out there during that.

Aaron: I like to throw it into rooms, and make my team run in there. You are like: “Genji… get. Fetch!”


Geoff: The Ultimate ability is called Coalescence. She is got this decay theme going on, and she was going to choose: “is it healing? is it damage?” But ultimately, she is like: “No. I get to do everything.”

Everything all at the same time, and it is super long range, it is a really fat beam. She is kinda feeding both hands together, and creating this beam that it heals out as it hitting, and damages any enemies that it is hitting.


So you just want to hit everybody with it, and in fact in some matches that we were playing, we get this fight in these lower corridors, and she is like: “I win. I don’t care what’s happening.” Everything is going to be zapped right now.

Michael: Is that the OPAF (overpowered as F#ck)?

Geoff: Yeah, pretty much.

Michael: We’ll change the name before the release.


Geoff: So there is also some other amazing properties to it. It pierces everything. It also includes barriers — so it pierces Reinhardt’s shields, Winston’s shields… so yeah. So it is hard to heal sometimes through those things, and she is like: “No. I am going to go through,” and then Reinhardt is back there trying to pick– “oh well, we can’t really sit here anymore. I guess we have to move or something.”

Of course, if the team jumps in right afterwards, now they are going to be healed by it also. So it is just an amazing sort of engage tool. Also you can pick up those pesky Pharahs sometimes. So that’s kind of the breakdown of how all the abilities work individually. We actually have a video to show how some of them work together.

Moira: We are bedeviled by the mysteries of creation. Science can reveal the truth that lies behind these many questions. What we learn can unlock the true potential of humanity. To the shadows! Tell me how this feels. Aha-hahaHa! Come to me, and I will heal you. I will unmake you. Simple geometry. Surrender to my will. Allow me to repair the damage. I feel unstoppable. My will made real.


Michael: Alright. So that was Moira. Overwatch’s new support hero, and definitely go try her out now. Send us your feedback, even if it is just to tell us that yes she is OPAF. But definitely, definitely let us know how you are liking her. But now to change tone, change subject a little bit, we’ll talk a little bit about the new map that we announced at the opening ceremony: Blizzard World. So you can clap for it. It’s exciting.


BlizzCon 2017 Overwatch: What's Next panel transcript
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