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What Overwatch Update Means to You

Blizzard, the developer behind the insanely popular game Overwatch, is releasing a new update. It will bring a number of new changes to the characters just as the Year of the Rooster event comes to an end. Some players will be pleased with this latest update, while others may be disappointed depending on which character they enjoy using.

Roadhog Rebalance

Blizzard can’t seem to get Roadhog where it wants him. The character is being rebalanced yet again. This time, however, Roadhog fans may be disappointed with the changes. According to Blizzard, it’s reducing the power of Roadhog’s famous hook ability. To counter this, his gun will be more effective when he’s not using his hook.

What does this actually mean? The spread for Roadhog’s scrap gun is being decreased by nearly 20 percent. This means that it will be more accurate and do more damage from far away. The chain hook, however, will pull enemies to 3.5 meters away from Roadhog rather than 2 meters. Also, the cooldown for the hook ability is being increased from six seconds to eight seconds.

Capture the Flag Here to Stay

During the Year of the Roster Event, one of the biggest draws was the Capture the Rooster mode. In this mode, players are on a mission to capture a rooster flag from the opposing team and safely deliver it to their ally base. The mode turned out to be so popular that Blizzard has decided to keep it. The mode will be renamed Capture the Flag, and the stages that are available will be expanded beyond the few stages that were available during the Year of the Rooster event.


Changes to Winston

Roadhog isn’t the only one that Blizzard is changing in this update. Winston will also be rebalanced, but this time for the better. Blizzard said that Winston had an abnormally big head hitbox. This means that Winston was taking more damage than he should have been taking. Because of this, it was far too easy for enemies to drain Winston’s life with critical hits.

Basically, Blizzard is reducing Winston’s head hitbox by 15 percent. This is being changed to bring him in line with other tank heroes.

If you’re a PS4 or Xbox One player, you should expect this update to become live soon because Blizzard has added it to its latest Overwatch PTR update. What do you think of the new update? Does it impact any of the characters that you enjoy using?


Overwatch: The Best Competitive FPS in Modern History

I’ve been a PC and console gamer for years. In this time, I’ve seen the popularity of first-person shooters come and go. Earlier this year Blizzard released Overwatch, and has it taken the gaming community over by storm. Let’s discuss some of the reasons that this is one of the greatest FPS games released in the last decade.


Multiple Characters To Choose From

Blizzard knocked this feature out of the park. With 22 characters to choose from, you’re sure to never get bored of one play style. Every character has their own unique set of moves and abilities, making certain heroes vital for specific roles. You can choose Reaper or Tracer, and flank around your enemies in order to aggravate them from behind. If you’re a sniper, Widowmaker or Hanzo are perfect for you. This game even features full support or healing heroes, like Lucio or Mercy. As a healer, you can viably play the game just taking care of your team members, keeping them alive for the round.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Overwatch can be picked up by a complete novice, and learned relatively quickly. This isn’t a war simulator, it’s a fast-paced objective based FPS that promotes team effort. Although the skill ceiling is high, almost anyone can pick up a keyboard and mouse (or gaming controller) and learn the few buttons associated with being dangerous on a map. The beauty of this game lies in the mechanics of the objective-based rounds. You could have a large impact on your team winning a round, without ever firing a single shot. Borrowing from the well-known Team Fortress 2, maps and objectives require you to capture points, defend them, or defend/push a point. Although it is easy to learn, it can be very challenging when reaching the higher skill levels. Overwatch has a rising competitive scene, that’s been making waves in professional gaming.

Blizzard Support

We all know Blizzard from World of Warcraft or Hearthstone – they’re known for their quality-produced games, and the willingness to back their product for years. By playing Overwatch, you know that you’re going to be playing a fair, fun, bug-free FPS that’s going to be updated regularly. That’s huge, considering the fact that nowadays games can come and go overnight. Blizzard has already released a few free updates, which include two new characters, maps, and game modes. This game runs beautifully on any moderate gaming PC, as well as consoles. On a gaming PC, a 1080p resolution at 60 FPS is pretty easy to achieve.

Overwatch isn’t going to compare with Unreal Tournament or Quake in terms of speed, or ARMA for realism – but it does promote a fast play style with several characters in order to capture a point or reach an objective. This makes the game incredibly easy for someone to pick up, learn, and have some fun. If you love first-person shooters, multiplayer games and objective-based maps, make sure you get a copy of Overwatch today.