Sombra Facts: Is Sombra Human or an Advanced AI?

Some official Overwatch forum members and some people in Reddit have given up on Sombra being the next hero, speculating that Sombra is a god program (AI) or even an Omnic. Well, I wish to clear your mind of those terrible baseless thoughts if they have sway you into misinformation. If anything, she might be an enhanced human (like Genji, Torbjörn, or McCree with cybernetic implants).

I’ll give you facts that Sombra is a person and not an AI as some people are now claiming.



There is an audio file where Reaper says: “Where is Sombra when you need her?” — that states two things: Sombra is a person; and she is either a member of the Talon (Overwatch’s nemesis organization) or a neutral associate of the Talon. In addition, these dialogues are mostly referring to other members in your team or in the opposite team. Reaper is in a difficult situation, and he wishes Sombra was there assisting his team.



Did you know that Sombra was mentioned in the Official Overwatch Comics? If you didn’t … take a look.

In the official Overwatch Comics: “Ana: Old Soldiers” by Michael Chu — Reaper says to Hakim: “No excuses. For your sake, hope Sombra can get something useful out of this.”

They are talking about Helix locking down after the incident. That Helix Security International doesn’t know what they are protecting. Thus, Sombra is working on hacking to extract intel before infiltrating The Temple of Anubis.



Go to the El Dorado map. Head to the market area in Calle del Mercado. Search for the food car with the sign: Tortas Tacos. On the ground, you will notice an open newspaper.



You will find the following image of Sombra. She is either wearing a hoodie, or the area that “seems” to be a hoodie could be long curly hair.



I was able to zoom and brighten the image and this AI or Omnic has some serious sexy legs to be one, don’t you think?



Sombra Hacks the Overwatch Forums

Blizzard Entertainment resumed teasing the next Overwatch hero: Sombra in the form of ARG.

ARG: “An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform, and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players’ ideas or actions.”

Today, the Official Overwatch Forums got a new post titled 00110010 00110011. When you open the page, a forum user going by Skycoder says: “la que tiene la información, tiene el poder.” — spanish for “She who has the knowledge, has the power.”



The page immediately starts to degrade into oblivion, as if hacked. A photo of Reaper appears. Then many strings of code start filling the screen. Very likely the code reveals some hidden info.


Eichenwalde Easter Eggs

Eichenwalde doesn’t have much of a visual history or easter eggs. Mostly objects like computers, laptops, beer steins, guitars, acordeonsm bottles, plates, weapons, shields, fresco paintings, and other normal life objects. There are however, two things that seem out of place.

Inside the castle of Eichenwalde, there is a room with a health pack, and a odd looking sword half-buried on the ground, and aflame. It is totally out of place. It triggered a memory back during a Diablo 1 (1996) cinematic.

The first one might be a stretch, but then we have another recurrent theme going on with Diablo. Occam’s razor?


Finally, Balderich von Alder sits in a peculiar pose on a throne with two gryphon heads. Where have I seen that before?


Below, you can view some of the newspapers, posters, and vistas in Eichenwalde.


Eichenwalde Guide

Eichenwalde is the first new map for Overwatch since its release day. The map takes place in the southern part of Germany, in a little town in the Blackforest close to Stuttgart. Lore-wise Eichenwalde is the place where the german defense forces, called “Crusaders”, defeated the invasion of the Omnics, which ended the Omnics crisis in Germany. This battle can actually be seen in the new animated short “Last Bastion” which also was released recently on Gamescom.

The new map is a new “hybrid” map that is divided into three parts. First the attackers have to capture the first point to get control over the payload, which is a huge floating battering ram. After capturing the payload outside of the castle, the attackers have to push the ram a few meters until they reach the frontdoor of that castle. After securing the second checkpoint the battle continues inside the keep. The objective is to secure the old armor of the legendary Crusader Balderich von Alder.

There are many different elements that make this map unique. The way it is designed allows players to take a variety of paths to go to a certain point. Bridges, underpaths or smaller houses open up a lot of options to hide or to flank. The verticality of Eichenwalde is not like other maps that are played in Overwatch.

The map opens up the opportunity to refresh the current Overwatch meta, which allows more Pharah and Widowmaker plays (like one of the developers really liked to state out). The different paths and the overall verticality gives flankers like Tracer and Genji many options to distract the enemy team.

Overall I think people will like the map, firstly it is a hybrid map and people, especially in competitive Overwatch, love hybrid maps. Secondly, the amount of details and the whole setting is just beautiful to see and to play on. The new Overwatch map Eichenwalde is currently playable in the Brawl mode on the PTR servers, so go and check it out – by TerenZlol.


Health Pack Locations

The Eichenwalde map consists of three areas: the town, the castle patio, and the castle interior. The Attack team starts at the Braueret Mittagskrug Tavern (translates to: Brewery Lunch Jug) in the town, and the Defense team spawns at the Armory by the castle patio.

Lucioball Brawl | Overwatch 2016 Summer Games Olympics

Whoever designed Lúcioball Brawl for the Summer Games is a genius. This is a super fun brawl where no matter if you don’t win 5 games in a row, you will keep coming and have more fun.

The basics: You can use the yellow pads to jump forward across the map to seek better positioning, the mission is to push the ball and score into the opponent’s goal. You can either punch the ball, or use Sonic Amplifier to push the ball further.

Crossfade is permanently set to speed boost. The Healing Boost switch is disabled. When your Ultimate Hero power is enabled and ready, go to the opponent’s goal, and time it so that when the ball is near the goal (with the goalkeeper heading the other way) you press the Ultimate Sound Barrier to pull the ball toward the goal.

I really wish Blizzard Entertainment gets so much good feedback about this brawl that at least it gets added to the Custom Games, or at least decides to create a Brawl Custom Games tab so people can create their own games inviting friends, or allowing players to create the map and be able to queue a match with other players. It’s insanely fun, and according to Aaron Keller (GamesCom 2016) there might be more of this type of brawls in the future.

Lucioball and the Summer Games loot boxes will be available until August 22, 2016. So hurry up!




GamesCom 2016 – Overwatch Animated Short: The Last Bastion

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new Overwatch Animated Short: The Last Bastion. The video lasts 7 minutes telling a beautiful story without uttering a single word.

It was amazingly composited. I have never seen a more realistic 3D environment forest. The main communication of the animated short comes in the form of Bastion’s beep-bops and the bird’s actions.

Bastion was formerly one of the violent Omnics who attacked the small town of Eichenwald while en route to the city. Bastion fell in the middle of the forest. Some time toward the end of the animated short, Bastion is entranced by the noise made by a woodpecker and reverts to his violent programming awareness unleashing his turret upon the forest in retaliation to what he thought was gunfire aimed at him.

GamesCom 2016 – Eichenwald Gameplay VOD by Muselk

Muselk played the new Overwatch map Eichenwald while discussing details with Aaron Keller. Both got to swap positions for a turn at playing the new map. PTR will be up very soon before September.

Eichenwald is simply awesome, with multiple ambush points. Vertical attacks from the top. At the bridge, you can jump down the pit into a balcony and climb the stairs around for a surprise attack from the back. Balcony fences can be destroyed in an upcoming patch.

Bastion, Widowmaker, Ana, Pharah, and Hanzo are going to wreck havoc in this map. Watch the nigh 5-hour gameplay video.

Watch live video from muselk on

GamesCom 2016 – Overwatch new Map Eichenwalde

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the newest Overwatch map based in Germany — Eichenwalde — which is coming this September to live realms. A small town in the forest with a majestic castle. This is the forest where Bastion comes from.

“Eichenwalde is an Assault/Escort hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany.

The site of one of the most famous battles during the Omnic Crisis, it was here that the leader of the Crusaders, Balderich von Alder, and a handful of his best soldiers made a last stand against an advancing automaton army. Outnumbered and outgunned, they were ultimately slain during the resulting combat. However, thanks to their valiant efforts, the German military was able to push back the omnic offensive and win the fight.

On this map, one team must escort a battering ram to Eichenwalde Castle to reclaim Balderich’s remains from their current resting place, while the opposing team does everything in its power to thwart the keep from being breached.”





Map Video

The video shows Eichenwalde’s outdoor areas, where we can see the devastation caused during the Omnic Crisis war, as well as carcasses of the omnics destroyed by the denizens defending the town.

We can see the outdoor views of the castle, and some of the buildings; as well as, interior views of some of the buildings (like a clockwork shop (Uhrenkeller), a coffee shop, a beer distillery — possibly the one with the sign: Brauerei Mittagskrug, the Jagdhutte Edelweiß tavern, and the castle — which also shows the remains of Balderich von Alder (wearing an armor similar to Reinhardt– in a position that resembles the Skeleton King).

This new map allows us to climb the castle via stairs to reach the main objective. The payload in this case is a mechanical ram that the attacking party needs to use to break open the castle’s drawbridge (one of the checkpoints).

Eichenwalde is prone to be a great map for snipers, and for ambushes. The castle’s interior has good points for assembling an unsuspecting turret, or to call it’s a high noon.




GamesCom Preview Livestream Transcript

During the GamesCom 2016 Preview livestream, hostess Soe Penski interviewed Geoff Goodman (Principal designer) and Aaron Keller (lead system designer) to discuss the newest Eichenwalde map.

SOE: Blizzard is known for its regular content updates for basically all its games. Is there going to be new content today?

Geoff: When we started working on the project, we had all these ideas we wanted to put in the box and we wanted to make this a great game. We had lots of ideas, we aren’t short of ideas (that’s for sure); and the community isn’t short on ideas, so it’s really great.



2016 Summer Olympics Skins coming to Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment released new skins, highlight intro, player avatars,sprays, and voice over sounds based on various Olympics disciplines to all Overwatch heroes. They are live until August 22.

This limited edition content, however, can’t be purchased with gold. They are available through the in-game Store in Loot Boxes. That means you can only grab them randomly, and there’s a chance for duplicates.

Olympics Skins coming to Overwatch

These are the ones I got in my loot boxes: